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14-10-10, 13:52
Hey everyone. Well I havn't been on in a while as I ended up in hospital with high BP at just over 37 weeks. I can tell you that my anxiety was thru the roof at this stage. They put me on a beta blocker and it didnt really settle so was induced at 38 and a half weeks so two weeks ago I gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy :D (despite all my anxiety). He is just so perfect I can't believe I did it.

Now since then has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. My BP stayed high following birth so I wasnt feeling great. It has since gone too low and am now off the tabs but still worried that something could be wrong or could happen and I wont be able to look after him. I've been feeling light headed, nauseus and racing heart. I just hope these feelings will pass. My doctor has tried to reassure me that this is all normal as hormones adjust after pregnancy. I hope I can try relax as I feel like I'm going around in daze and just want to do right by my little boy. I feel like I'm letting him down and not being a good mother. Has anyone else experienced this?

Hope everyone else is doing well xx

14-10-10, 13:56
Congratulations :yesyes:

It's very normal for a new mum to be anxious...........I was twice!! Just enjoy him, love him, and give him lots of cuddles. Oh and when he sleeps get as must rest as you can. Being tired just makes things worse. Ignore the housework and concentrate on your beautiful baby and yourself.

Carol xx

14-10-10, 14:00
Congratulations :yesyes:

It took me ages to feel right again after having my children, and like carol says when the baby sleeps you need to get some too.

Well done xx

14-10-10, 14:40
CONGRATULATIONS on the birth of your lovely son:D

All new mums are anxious and may be for a while, but you'll soon settle down, so just try to relax as much as a new mum can and you will soon be feeling great.

14-10-10, 15:19
Congratulations! You've done it! It's such a story of hope and inspiration to those of us still struggling, and who chatted to you when you were pregnant. Yes, you are anxious, but you have just done the most amazing thing. You can do anything now, I'm sure of it. Give yourself time, but remember how brilliant you are, please. You are brave, and strong, and your baby is so lucky to have you - a mum who struggled so much to have him. :D

eternally optimistic
14-10-10, 15:34

I am sure your new arrival with a great new challenge for you to get stuck into..

Take care, enjoy and sleep (when you can)

Best wishes to you both.

14-10-10, 15:37
Many congratulations that will keep your mind busy:D

14-10-10, 15:43
Congratulations and take one day at a timex

I bet ur a fab mumxxx

14-10-10, 17:00

Don't feel you aren't doing right by your son AT ALL. You are very brave and strong..believe it.

All the best shortcake.xx:hugs:

paula lynne
14-10-10, 17:29
Many congratulations, wonderful news!!:yesyes:

Youre hormones will be up in the air for a while, completely normal.

Youre going to do beautifully at being a mummy...so happy for you x

14-10-10, 17:32
Congrats shortcake, you've done really well and things will get easier so try not to worry x

14-10-10, 17:35
Ah congrats shortcake!!
Wishing you all the best and many cuddles n snuggles with the little one.:)

14-10-10, 17:39
Congratulations on the birth of your son!!! Wishing you all the best :)

margaret jones
14-10-10, 18:12
Congratulations on the safe arrival of your son, how wonderfull for you please try and rest/relax and enjoy your baby .You will be experincing post baby hormone up and down like every other new mum, it will soon pass and think this christmas a extra little man to buy pressies for so exciting .

14-10-10, 18:15

16-10-10, 11:59
Thank you all for your lovely lovely messages, am in tears reading them. I am trying to just take one day at a time and enjoy my little man as much as I can, he's getting so big already! I hope that in the next few weeks I will get stronger and more confident and that I can stay off anti-anxiety meds. I think acceptance is the hardest part.

Thank you all xx

16-10-10, 12:49
Congratulations :D

Be kind to yourself. its early days yet and your bound to be feeling all over the place.

mandie xx

16-10-10, 23:21
congratulations and well done! hope you're enjoying him! just to say that sometimes after having a baby your iron levels can be low, this causes dizziness, racing pulse and feeling weak so maybe ask you midwife or doctor to check this for u as something as simple as iron tablets and eating an iron rich diet can resolve this. as everyone else has said, your hormones will be readjusting to not being pregnant anymore so feeling emotional is quite normal! as is feeling bouts of anxiety about yourself and the little one, but have confidence in yourself and your own abilities, look at everything you've achieved so far and this is only the beginning of your journey with your little man.
congrats once again! lots of love. xxx

16-10-10, 23:26
:yesyes: Wonderful. Enjoy your new little one. That little boy will charm your heart !
I had a racing heart after my son and I came home after his birth. It was the hormone shift. :-)

18-10-10, 16:30
Congratulations, im really pleased for you.:D

18-10-10, 21:17
Awww Congratulations on your baby boy. Well done. I bet he is gorgeous and adorable.
Hormones are all over the place after having a baby, so you are bound to feel as you do. Have you spoke to your health visitor about how you feel?
Congratulations again!!! :flowers:

Fly away Katie
18-10-10, 21:56
Congrats babe. thats amazing news :) Hello little one :) x x x

Ms Nice
01-11-10, 16:49
Well done shortcake, you are an inspiration and proof that we can get through our pregnancies. Much love to you and your darling son. I hope each day brings you something new to cherish XXX

01-11-10, 17:19
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