View Full Version : Atos Appt Tomorrow

19-10-10, 16:46
I am having my Atos Medical tomorrow - I am absolutely dreading it, has anyone had a good experience with them ?


Strawberry Cupcake
19-10-10, 16:52
I ave mine booked for the 1st and I'm actually terrified. The whole thing is turning me into a ball of nerves. Since I've recieved the letter I've barely slept or eaten. It's been horrible. I really hope they're not as bad as some of the stories.

I hope yours go's well. Would love to hear about your experience when you get back.

19-10-10, 18:08
Hi, I've had quite a few assessments with them and I've never failed it yet! My advice is to talk too much. If they ask you a question, go into masses of details! Hopefully something that you say will be on their tick list of things to look out for.
The doctors you see are usually nice people. They look a bit bored, but I think I would be too if I had to sit asking the same questions all day lol.
If you think you're going to have problems telling them everything then write it down and hand it to them before they start the questions, or even mid interview if you suddenly feel you cannot cope. Make sure that you watch them read it! You don't want them to forget about it once you're gone.
Good luck and let us know how it goes :)

paula lynne
19-10-10, 19:09
Ive got mine 1st of Nov, and not looking forward to it,,,thanks for tips vixxy x