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10-03-06, 17:17
It'll be my Grandma's funeral next Wednesday and I'm panicking already cos I don't cope well in big groups. Can't even have a normal conversation cos ppl will b too upset 2 listen.

I have been to alot of funerals in the past and felt so alienated. Didn't stay long at my Grandads funeral reception.

I feel bad for feeling like this.

Advice needed plz

10-03-06, 17:41
Sorry to hear about the loss of your Grandma.

Funerals are never easy. I went to 3 when I was really panicky and I did get through them somehow as I knew I had to be there.

Just remember that it is only for a few hours and you do need to go.

Try some Rescue Remedy as well to take the edge of things.

Try reading these posts as well -

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I hope it goes ok for you.


10-03-06, 18:42

Sorry for your loss, and I see that Nicola has linked my story of when I lost my aunt a year ago.

Times like this are tough, but I think you will surprise yourself on how you will cope.

Maybe the thought of being there for your Gran and the family will override your fears on this occassion. Put your own thoughts to one side, and celebrate her life.

Thinking of you.


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10-03-06, 19:06
Thinking of you mate.

Love Piglet xx

10-03-06, 19:27
Hi Julie

Thinking of you hun. If you need me just pm.


Take Care


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10-03-06, 22:40
I feel for you, I really do, but maybe you can take something from this: I was at the *height* of my anxiety when my grandfather died a few years ago, and was paranoid that I wouldn't be able to go to, or get through, his funeral (especially as I wasn't driving myself there), but once I got there I didn't feel *any* anxiety whatsoever (to be quite honest, I don't think there was anything left in me to give any time to my anxiety gremlins!).

Good luck & we'll all be thinking of you I'm sure!

((Hug)) Leah xx

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11-03-06, 00:07
Hi Ju
Thinking about you hun

Take care and we are here for you.

Love Sal xx

Dont mess up the best things in your life, just because at present you are unsure who you are.

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11-03-06, 10:55
Sorry to hear about your Grandma

Take it steady, stick near people you know and sit on the aisle and it is ok if you don't stay long at the reception

Rescue remedy yourself up or a few drops of valarian tincture in a bottle of water.


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11-03-06, 14:13
Hi Julie,
Sorry to hear about your granma. I think you may be surprised how well you cope at the funeral. I lost my mum very suddenly last summer when I was off with stress/depression. Everyone was really con cerned about how I'd cope as I was already so low, but surprisingly I got through it ok. I think sometimes your body kind of reaches saturation point and you manage to get through because there really is no way you can take on any more pain, and you deal with the things you really have to with everything else being put on the back burner so to speak. Sorry if I haven t explained that very well, but it made sense at the time!!

Remember you wont be on your own. Take care


14-03-06, 21:06
So sorry to hear that your Grandma has died.
I know how you feel I lost my Friend, then a year later my Dad.With my fear of yew trees and others that are like it,I am not able not to visit his grave.

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16-03-06, 17:34
i think it only normaly to be panic at the moment with everything taht happen for you right now... dont be to hard on your self hun....

always loved never fotgotten..