View Full Version : Valerian Root-when to take?

11-03-06, 14:28
I'm getting dizziness and general unsteadiness and a heavy head every day now and it is beginning to affect my life again. I take prozac, fish oils and vitamin B complex daily but i was thinking about taking valerian root too. I have bought some and it says to take 2 at night but i would really like to take it during the day as this is when i am feeling at my worst. Does anybody know if this is advisable?
Thank a lot

Em x

11-03-06, 14:32
Also, ive just read another post and it says not to take valerian with SSRI's so now im slightly scared! lol

11-03-06, 15:33
Valerian is used to help you sleep hence should be taken at night. I take it sometimes.

I am not sure about the interaction with SSRI's.