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22-10-10, 18:36
Well the Mirtazapine never did sort me out properly. I have a bit more motivation than before but nerves are almost as awful.

So, GP wrote to psychiatrist who suggested I swap straight over to Seroxat. The GP didn't think there would be any side effects from doing this but I begged to differ.

Has anyone else switched to Seroxat from a different med? I remember taking it years ago and it gave me wicked anxiety for a few weeks in the beginning.

Please share.



22-10-10, 19:06
I'm actually taking mirtazapine and seroxat :D
The motivation and better sleep the mirtazapine gave me meant I didnt really want to stop them, but like you my anxiety was bad. So my GP put me on Seroxat as an add on. Its working really well being on both.
I have gone from citalopram to mirtazapine as a swap and didnt have the really bad side effects I would get when I first started citalopram.
So I would say, yes you will get side effects, but they won't be anywhere near as bad as the ones in your past.
Plan to take a few days in bed, reading and relaxing :)

22-10-10, 20:57
Hi i switched from mirtrazapine to seroxat 5 weeks ago and it is just starting to make a difference to me. I had previously been on seroxat for 14 years and it literally gave me my life back, sohoping for the same this time.

22-10-10, 20:59
Thanks Vixxy. I've also been given a small dose of Quetiapine to take at night to help sleep. Last time around when I was on Seroxat I just couldn't sleep at all without sleeping pills. I'm hoping that the Quetiapine will sort that side of things out without making me too sleepy. Have just taken the first one so time will tell!

Got everything crossed this won't be too bumpy a ride.


22-10-10, 21:03
Ooh hi Elainey,

Can you tell me your experience of the cross over? Did you get any increased symptoms in the early days?

Last time around on Seroxat it helped me enormously too. Sooo hope it does the same this time. Just in time for Christmas! :yesyes:

22-10-10, 21:25
Hi, no problems switching over, was on both tablets for about a week and then stopped the mirtrazapine. I've had no side effects for the seroxat so fingers crossed they work for me again,

23-10-10, 06:42

Hope you dont mind me asking a question on this thread.....I have been taking mirtazipine since February...initially 15mg then 30mg now back down to 15mg. I am also taking pregabalin for gad. Even thought the mirtazipine (after previously taking citalopram) got me into a much better place (had been off work for 5 months) it has never actually made the anxiety go away...I know its not just about meds and I do do alot to help myself but was wondering if a change in meds might help, and wondered about seroxat??I realise it is another srri but they all work differently??

Any advice would be helpful.


23-10-10, 10:13
Hi JT. I've found that by taking mirtazapine and seroxat I'm feeling almost normal!
The mirtazapine helps me to sleep and wake feeling ready to take on the world. It gets me motivated and I actually enjoy life again. The seroxat deals with the anxiety. My anxiety is still there, but its not a 24/7 thing anymore. And in situations where I thought i would panic, im not!
I'm taking 45mg mirtazapine and 10mg seroxat at the mo.

23-10-10, 13:39
Hi JT, Yes they do work differently - particularly Seroxat. I speak from experience in the past and it certainly helped anxiety then & so hopefully should now. My GP/s have been reluctant to prescribe it before now - I am assuming because of the discontinuation thing. It was only as the shrink recommended it. For sure I would expect to feel better than where the Mirt took me, although that was an improvement.
Interesting that you're not on a full dose of Seroxat Vixxy. I really hope I can cope with how the Seroxat made me feel before. It was almost too much if there can be such a think - verging on the OTT.


23-10-10, 14:09
Not a full dose?

23-10-10, 14:47
Not a full dose?

A therapeutic dose is 20mgs which is what I have been started on. Looks like your doc is augmenting the Mirt with a drop of Seroxat. Hey it seems to be working for you so no worries. I'd actually prefer your combo so I got fewer side effects from the Seroxat - which did give me a fair few as I recall.

BTW is this your GP or a psychiatrist who has prescribed this combo? Just curious.

23-10-10, 16:42
It was a GP in my doctors surgery. Not my normal one though :D I was on citalopram many years ago and swapped to mirtazapine because I couldnt deal with the side effects. Even though another GP increased me from 15>45mg of mirtazapine I was still anxious all the time, so the new GP suggested I go back on an SSRI as an add on. (She suggested as an add on because mirtazapine really does help me, just not the anxiety!).
I was only on 10mg of citalopram too. I'm very sensitive to SSRI's. :)
you could suggest it to them about taking both.

16-07-12, 16:51
Hi i switched from mirtrazapine to seroxat 5 weeks ago and it is just starting to make a difference to me. I had previously been on seroxat for 14 years and it literally gave me my life back, sohoping for the same this time.

Like you I had been on Seroxat for approx. 14 years. Last august I crossed over
to mirtazapine thinking it's higher sedative effect would help my anxiety. At first I thought they were helping, started on 15mg.30mg.45mg. however I think they are making my anxiety much worse; yes at night when I take them I am aware of their sedative effect, but the next day my anxiety is pretty bad including terrible stomach 'nerves'. It's as though I am withdrawing every day?? I discussed this with my GP and I am know reducing mirtazapine 45mg.to 30mg for 6days, then 15mg for 6days, then 1 'free' day then the next day starting on 20mg Seroxat. Today is 5th day on30mg mirtazapine . I am a bit concerned about how this will 'work out' I would appreciate any comments from anyone who has been through a similar situation. thanks Jim K.