View Full Version : Advice on Quetiapine/Seroquel please.

22-10-10, 20:41
I have just started a course of Quetiapine yesterday evening(50mg nightly),to help with suicidal thoughts, anxiety and extreme feelings of sadness.This is in addition to Mirtazapine(45mg nightly)which I have been taking for the last 8 months.
In anybodys experience does Quetiapine combat the feelings of suicide and sadness,and if so how long does it start taking effect from first taking the medication?
Depression has been with me for a good while now,but these extreme feelings of sadness where I am constantly thinking about my future,growing old alone etc(I am only 43)have been extremely intense recently,whereby suicide has been paramount in my thoughts.
Any advice would be appreciated,thanks,

22-10-10, 23:22
hi i am on 100mgs of quetipine 3 times daily its a very powerfiul drug which i found to have very negative side effects for the first 2 weeks like most drugs its seems to make things worse before it starts to get better but i was like yourself but persevere it does make things better i see your on quite a low dose to start who prescibe you these was it your gp or a pychologist

23-10-10, 11:53
Hi lentils,
thanks for replying,it was my local crisis team(mental health)who prescribed the medication.Originally I went to see my GP who referred me to them and after a emergency appt at the hospital to see a senior mental health nurse and doctor was given the prescription for this drug.
I hope it does kick in shortly as feeling very low today.What negative side effects did you have to begin with?You are are on a quite a high dose compared to mine,did you originally start on a lower dose?
The only side effect I have noticed so far is tiredness,

23-10-10, 13:08
hi sorry for taking time to reply my internet connection has been playing up anyway to answer your questions it seemed to heighten every negative thought times 10 like the suicdal thoughts and like you the tiredness plus the sick feeling actually was sick a few times and felt like a walking zombie and spent the best part of 2 weeks not getting out of bed hopefully you wont get this on your doseage but on day fifteenish it was like the fog cleared and every day afer that it got a little bit better it a case of persevering even in your darkest hours but i know you can do it good luck and take care of yourself. lentils.:yesyes:

24-10-10, 11:15
just spent the last 12 hours in bed,feeling really bad,hope the tablets start having an effect soon as feeling worse now than before I started on them.

24-10-10, 11:53
I have just been prescribed 50mg Quetiapine. Well, I am to start on 25 & go up after a few weeks. It's an add on to Seroxat in my case. I think it helps the anti d work better as opposed to it working at such a low dose on its own. It is supposed to be very good for anxiety.

I think almost all psych ,eds make you feel worse before better.

24-10-10, 18:59
The anxiety seems to have subsided,although the deep feeling of depression is still there.I keep thinking of the future different scenarios whereby once my parents are gone there will be nobody left who truly cares.When I go out it just reinforces how isolated I feel,people going about their business with their families,enjoying christenings,taking their children or grandchildren to the park etc,just generally enjoying all the social interaction being part of a family.

24-10-10, 20:08
hope you soon start to feel better