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24-10-10, 00:42
Hi All

For the last few months I've been on 20mg of prop to help with the physical symptoms of anxiety and elevated blood pressure.

Now my doc and I agree that it might be worth giving Citalopram a try to help with the anxiety/depression.

The thing is she told me to stop taking the propanonol for a week before going on the Cit in case of an interaction.

It's been 3 days since I stopped taking the prop and my anxiety has rocketed back to how I felt at the start of the year! My heart is beating crazy fast, I can't sleep, mind feels like it's on loop, it's really hard to concentrate on anything outside of how I'm feeling, no motivation :weep:

Does 20mg of prop really interact with cit? Now I'm freaking about how much more the anxiety is going to come on when I first go on the cit - I can't bear much more than what I have right now!

I felt like I was making a slow and gradual improvement over the last few months now I just feel like I'm back at square one...

24-10-10, 07:55
HI Flubby,

When I was taking citalopram my Gp gave me propananol to help with the increased anxiety that can sometimes happen when first taking this med...so I dont think there was any interaction between the 2???

Sorry to hear your anxiety has gone up again...perhaps you could ask your gp again???

Hope you feel better soon.