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24-10-10, 00:55
Suffer badly with both of these every day..

Cant be my meds (citalopram 20mg) as been taking these since january and was fine for months then 3 monthd ago i started getting DP/DR reallllly bad :(

I hold an object and it doesnt feel like im holding it, like my touch senses are different, or someone elses.

I look around and feel in a fuzz or fog.. i get awful brain fog too which gives me bad vertigo.

I get weak hands and arms, painful forearms and tension in neck..

Ive had enough today i get better for a couple of days then get worse again :(

I cannot STAND this DP/DR though.. its ruining my life :(

I feel like my arm is un-attached to my body, like its dead or floppy, can still move it but it feels heavy or weak its hard to describe...

I keep thinking how can this be anxiety??????

Ive had blood tests and all are normal. Ive had a ct scan brain but showed nothing. I think an MRI would show something though, im convinced, CTs only show tumours or strokes... I keep worrying aboiut MS or Motor Neuron Disease :( I find it hard to clench my hands sometimes (even though i can and i do it, it just feels realy weak and weird). I am constantly stretching my back,arms, neck, jaw, face...i feel like a freak :(

Please help, my doctor has referred me for a neurologist but its guna take ages and i cant bear the waiting :(

Im having a heart scan on tuesday as i get palpitations with dizziness but all my ECG's have been normal so i dont think this is heart-related.

I just dont know what to do or think :(

Im 23 and have a 2 year old son. I never ever feel normal. I keep thinking ive got some sort of brain cell or nerve damage in my brain due to cocaine i used to take. I had never had a panic attack before january (when i took cocaine) and i had a huge panic attack when i took it, and have never felt normal since. Thing is, i had only ever took it about 8 times over about 3 years so my doctor and a therapist i used to see said that its literally impossible for cocaine to give me any kind of brain damage only if i was like an addict abusing it day in day out. So what has happened to me????

I feel dead and just wanna curl up and never move. I hate it coz its affecting my son and i love him to the moon and back.. but i must sound like such a bad mum :(

I started getting depression real bad few months back and had a nervous breakdown because i was having about 25-30 panic attacks a day. I only get panic attacks about twice a week now so i know ive got alot better but i just keep worrying myself sick that somethings up with me and im guna die :(

I live with physical anxiety symptoms every single day and its killing me :(

Please help.......

24-10-10, 01:18
I get all the same, would be nice to get some answers or find more people with the same!

24-10-10, 01:33
I'm sorry you are having so much going on in your body. Many here can relate and understand.
It will be good to hear others helps for you.

24-10-10, 01:40
Hi crazyhayz,

Fixed the title for you :)

ďI hold an object and it doesnt feel like im holding it, like my touch senses are different, or someone elses.Ē

Youíve made me start to play now and Iíve been feeling all the things on my desk! Some do feel weird when I really think about them. Itís probably because normally theyíre just things I take for granted without knowing exactly how they feel, then when I really start to analyse them they feel a bit odd. Suppose like experiencing them for the first time again.

Anxiety can also make all the senses more sensitive, and that can make a personís perception of things appear different too.

I think itís reassuring that youíve had various tests and nothing has been found. Iím sure the doctors wouldíve picked up something if it were there.

Take care :)

24-10-10, 03:00
Hi Crazyhayz:)
When you are experiencing these awful sensations it is so easy to drive yourself mad worrying that there has to be something really serious causing these feelings. Believe me there isn't, it really is caused by your anxiety. I have had anxiety/panic/agoraphobia for the past 5 years now and still get all the sensations you have described, but it no longer bothers me as I now know it can't harm me, nothing is wrong and by relaxing the body it soon passes.
What helped me overcome my anxiety/panic etc. was learning all I could about what was happening to me and learning different coping techniques.
Ask your doctor to refer you for c.b.t therapy and relaxation classes as these will help you enormously. I would also recommend you reading Freedom from Fear by Howard Liebgold this is the book that gave me back my life.
:bighug1:to you