View Full Version : Advice please on going higher on paroxetine

27-10-10, 18:52
Hi all just looking for some advice .i have been on paroxetine 20 mg for 10 years now but they seem to have stopped working the doc tried to switch my med but i was to scared to do this ,so he as put my paroxetine up to 30m daily ,i am so scared about side affects even tho its same meds but higher dose ,as any 1 done this and can u share your experience with me please x

27-10-10, 20:20
can any 1 help pease x

27-10-10, 20:36
hi i was only ever on 20mg they stopped working for me too they upped me to 30mg i did it by going up to 25mg for two weeks then 30mg..hope this helps.x

28-10-10, 17:52
i suppose what ever you experienced when you started taking them 10 years ago, but i suppose memory fails and the ingrediants have changed since then. i cant imagine it would be as uncomfortable as it would be changing to a different drug at together but i have heard people just suffering from raised anxiety for a few days and odd symptoms like sleep problems, eating problems etc.

good luck and hope all goes well x

09-11-10, 19:33
I was on 20mg for 5 years then 30mg and in my 12th year I am on 40mg. People dont tend to get 'symptoms' from upping the dose. I didnt even notice (apart from I felt loooaaads better after a week!) It is very frightening isnt it? I know how you feel.
I didnt notice any difference-honestly! I do think you can work yourself into a state thinking about it though...:hugs:

Keep us upto date!

09-11-10, 22:00
Adding to what I said before, I'm back on paroxetine and my dose will be increased to 30mg in 2 weeks. We'll battle it through together :)

10-11-10, 01:42
hi rennie been on the 30mg nealy 2 weeks now and not realy had any probs ,first 2 days felt a little sick and a bit drowsey but after thats been ok my anxiety still same though so hopeing they start to work better soon ,good luck with yours 2 you will be fine x

10-11-10, 09:55
That's great to hear Lisa, glad you got through it OK :)

10-11-10, 10:04
difficult one this because my gp told me that when you have blips/experience anxiety on ssris - then they act as a safety net and that you really need to try and work through it otherwise you may always be continually upping the dose and always fearing your anxiety bleeding through whatever dose you are on - however - i appreciate that if you have been on the same dose for years then it may be time to adjust it or change. personally i have never had more than 2-3 years at the most benefit from an ssri but looking back - i never really altered my life/tried to bring my stress levels down whilst on them and i think that every 2-3 years it all built up again!

27-11-10, 13:00
I've never been able to get down to below 40mg and have just upped to 60mg-saying that, i am seeing the doc monday-maybe its time to cahnge meds if this has stopped doing its job??never seem to have any problems upping the dose though.