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28-10-10, 21:41
Hi Nic :)
Just a thought...but is there any chance of having another colour in the wristbands? or a type of jewellery with NMP and a positive message on it? Would it be possible or would it cost too much?
I would love a bracelet with NMP on...something to look at when I felt anxious to reassure me.
I hope I dont offend by saying this...

28-10-10, 21:44
Hi Poppy

Of course you are not offending anyone with this.

I am about to run out of wristbands - only 4 left I think so I could order some more (if the company are still going that I get them from).

We would have to decide on a colour though - I am not sure the men would like pink lol.

29-10-10, 19:06
Hi again Nic
Ohhhh I wanted a pink one! lol :blush:
What about purple ones? Maybe we could have blue ones for the men and then another colour?

29-10-10, 19:30
I don't mind getting pink but I had to order a minimum quantity in one colour - I think it was 100. So I would have to buy 100 pink and 100 blue at a time.

If anyone else has any thoughts on colours then please post here.

02-11-10, 17:53
I would buy a pink band as I seem to have lost my blue one. Thank you EJ.

06-11-10, 00:11
I would love a leather bracelet, with maybe a NMP charm, or a slogan burnt into the leather.


Hehe... Got a bit carried away there - sorry!

paula lynne
06-11-10, 00:20
I love green, colour of nature, lush meadows...chilled relaxing colour (to me) x

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06-11-10, 00:25
Actually, I'd love to buy a wristband/bracelet with some sort of NMP logo on it if that was possible. It would be a bit like a Talisman and something good to focus on when feeling anxious. I wouldn't really mind what colour.

Anna xx :flowers:

06-11-10, 00:28
Do you mean other than the JFDI one Anna?

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06-11-10, 00:32
Sorry for my ignorance nic, but you'll have to spell that out for me lol! :blush:

Anna xx

06-11-10, 00:34
These lol:


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06-11-10, 00:42
Oh cool, yes exactly...sorry, but being poor I don't really look in the shop :blush: so didn't know these were there but I'd love one.

Anna xx

06-11-10, 00:47
I only have 3 left hence we were talking about the new colour to get lol.

If you want a blue one then order now lol or I will be ordering some new ones soon maybe if I can get a good price. We got these cheaper as a member kindly donated some money towards the cost to keep the unit price down for members.

Going home
06-11-10, 00:53
Ok I understand nic, can i wait for the new ones please?

Anna xx

06-11-10, 19:20
Hi again Nic
I would be happy to pay in advance for my order.

06-11-10, 21:07
Just had a couple of thoughts... which is always a dangerous thing :wacko:

Regarding the wristbands if its technically possible, I wondered if people would prefer it if they could say No More Panic on one side and JFDI the other instead of just JFDI on both. That way it would mean something to those who didnt fully understand the JFDI bit, plus it would be a little extra promotion for the site. If somebody were to ask what the wristband was for, the wearer could mention the name of the site as opposed to explaining what JFDI meant, and the other person would be more likely to remember it.

And regarding the bracelet suggestion I know in the past there have been members here who made jewellery, although the one I had in mind doesnt seem to post anymore. Maybe there are other talented members who might like to make some NMP inspired items.

Maybe post a request in the Arts & Crafts Forum (http://www.nomorepanic.co.uk/forumdisplay.php?f=52)

06-11-10, 21:14
Lord, you being difficult again Nigel? I think that's a very good idea actually - it would mean a whole lot more if it had NMP or NoMorePanic embossed on it.

I would like it in black though if possible - don't really like bright colours.

06-11-10, 21:25
Yes :winks:

Think too many colour choices might be a bit of a problem though re: minimum order quantities.

06-11-10, 22:09
That's OK - I'll buy 5 ;)

07-11-10, 14:32
What about a multi coloured polka dot one to please everyones personal choice of colours?:winks:

07-11-10, 15:26

I don't think our Dear Leader is impressed :whistles:

07-11-10, 19:08
Was that me Nic? If so find the price and let me know :) cant remember that far back now!! I know I sold my one from the last lot for a bit! If not let me know too!


13-11-10, 00:09
Ok just to answer a few questions

People didn't want NMP or nomorepanic or any mention of panic on the band last time we did a survery as they felt a band with just JFDI on it could mean something in many walks of life not just panic/anxiety etc.

As for colours / costs.

I have one band left now so we are about to run out.

I looked at the site I order them from and these are the sort of costs:

50 bands = 1.88 each

+ postage

So I have to order in quantities of 50 minimum so I can order 50 pink for example and 50 blue but then I would not be able to sell them for the current price 1.99 each as after postage costs + 25p Paypal costs you can see how it soon adds up.

I am more than happy to order a different colour but it would have to be in the minimum quantities. I think if I order pink we will deter all the men (no offence to any men that will wear pink!).

If I can order more than 200 at a time the price comes down significantly and last time someone offered some money towards the upfront costs so this enabled me to bring the cost right down for members. Any offers :whistles:

Any thoughts then please post here. Thanks

13-11-10, 17:08
please can i have the last band if you still have it...
i stretch mine for a living as i never take it off.
i bought some for friends cos like you say jfdi means so many things to different people so i think having that on them is perfect...as for colour i personally hate pink... !!!

16-11-10, 18:51
I will have a band and pay for it now in advance, whatever colour it is.