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07-11-10, 19:37
I've been taking 20mgs of Seroxat for just over 2 weeks and this past week have had awful nausea & headache at times. Is this normal as I don't remember this last time I tried this med. Also, will it go in time?



07-11-10, 20:09
Hi Bubble, I don't take Seroxat but it does sound like a side effect. When first took Prozac I didn't have any SEs to speak of but had a rough time when I went on it last year. I'm sure this will pass soon xx

07-11-10, 20:09
Hi Bubble
i have been on Seroxat for 7 weeks and still sufferring from nausea and headaches, my dose has just been increased for 20 to 30mg so think i might have to put up with this a little bit longer. Also not sure if these are side effects of just my anxiety.

07-11-10, 20:50
My GP warned me that nausea was a common side effect of Seroxat, so it is probably that.

07-11-10, 20:51
Poor you Elainey. I hope this doesn't carry on too long, it's really not at all nice. Not had this before with just anxiety but mine is more depression anyways.

Any others relate?

08-11-10, 11:48
I also been on Seroxat for two weeks no nausea but increased anxiety to a high degree. Any one had this and how long will it last


Kerry B
08-11-10, 12:16
Hi Ive been on Seroxat now since July on 40mg the nausea does go try taking your tablet when you have eaten I find this helps. I also suffered with headaches but these do ease in time.

08-11-10, 18:52
I had slight nausea when taking seroxat but that was the only thing I noticed. Seroxat worked really well for me, but of course, it differs among people.

08-11-10, 22:04
Thanks for sharing ppl.

@Joy. I remember when I took this years ago it seriously increased the anxiety I had then. I would give it 3-4 weeks and it should be settling back down by then. Maybe ask your GP for something to cover you until then?

(still with nausea & headaches. Arghh.)

08-11-10, 23:27
Hi Bubblebonce

I didn't get initial nausea with Seroxat, but did with Citalopram. Try Motilium (OTC) to ease it until it settles down, or Phenergan (that will probably make you sleepy though). I suspect it will be a short-lived thing.

I hope it eases soon.