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09-11-10, 19:08
Hi All!

I have been on Seroxat for 12 years now following sever postnatal depression. I have tryed on many occasions to reduce my dose, only o end up back at square one!

Over the last 12 years I have gained a huge amount of weight, I eat well, work hard and m always on the go.

I went to see my GP today and he has started me on Sertraline (25mg). I was taking 40mg of Seroxat until yesterday...

Has anyone else swaped from Seroxat to Sertraline? If so I would love to hear from you! Also has anyone else gained weight while on Seroxat?
Many Thanks.

09-11-10, 21:22
Hi Davina,

I changed from seroxat to sertraline about 8 weeks ago. Because I've always had quite an extreme reaction when increasing or decreasing seroxat, my doc decided to cut the seroxat to 20mg and take 50mg of sertraline for 2 weeks, then increase the sert to 100mg and totally stop seroxat. Apart from a few days of head shocks in the 3rd week, it all went fairly well. Got a bit weepy from time to time but within 4 weeks my anxiety was gone and panic attacks greatly reduced.

I know that everyone reacts differently to medication but changing has made me feel the best I have in a long time so I'd definitely give it a shot.

As for the weight gain, can't say I really noticed a great difference til I gave up work then it piled on so I think it's prob my lifestyle right now rather than my meds thats made me put on weight - I need to get off my bum more :whistles:

Sue :)

10-11-10, 07:02
Thank you Sue!
Its good that you had few problems! Im only on day two but panicing already lol!
My GP has taken me straight off seroxat and straight on to sertraline.... Its quite a 'dro' though...
Good luck with everything. Im keeping my fingers crossed for you x

20-01-11, 20:13
After 10 years of being on Seroxat i've started suffering again and have an appointment at my GP this Saturday to discuss alternative medication - apart from it not seeming to be helping me much anymore, I can't cope with the night sweats Seroxat seems to cause. This thread has been really helpful to me as I can now discuss the possibility of changing to Sertraline. Many thanks,

21-01-11, 15:48
hi i have been on seroxat for 14yrs and have gained 80lb having spoke to my MH lady she says that this is a very common side effect i have been dropped to 50mg as from 2 days ago and in two weeks if all is well will be dropped to 40mg as aparently 20mg daily is a maintenence dose for anxiety will let u know how i get on please keep ur fingers crossed for me x

25-02-11, 16:03
So it's safe to just switch from seroxat to sertraline? This is good to know as, after being on Seroxat for about 10 years, I'm suddenly experiencing torturing symptoms such as extreme disorientated depression, panic attacks, muscle spasms, burning face etc. It feels as if I've been put on a different drug or a much higher dose as it has always worked so well but now suddenly, it attacks me. Tried dropping the dose which made me feel a bit more in control of myself but could feel the bad withdrawal starting to set in after one day at 10mg (after being on 20mg for 10 years). But then I'm afraid to up the dose again incase it sends me out of control...so I'm damned if I do and damned if I don't! Waiting for referral back to psychiatrist as my GP is USELESS and the Dr who perscribes the seroxat is away for a few weeks. I've been tempted to just take my mum's Sertraline and stop the seroxat as I'm in hell right now and desperate for anything to make it better.