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10-11-10, 08:25

I have been on seroxat for 12 years. My Doctor and I have come to the conclusion that it's the Seroxat that has made me gain weight (from size 8-18) I have been on all types of diet and my GP also started me on two types of medication for being over weight - neither worked!

I work full time and am always on the go...

Has anyone else gained weight while on Seroxat only to loose it when they came of it?

I am now changing my medication. The only problem I had with Seroxat was weight gain... Help!

10-11-10, 11:27
I've been trying to gain weight on seroxat as I lost a lot before I was put on it. Only time will tell if I carry on gaining.

11-11-10, 11:47
I gained a stone on Seroxat and lost it when I came off. My friend went from a 12 to a 16, and again lost it once she came off.

11-11-10, 12:56
At the end of the day, its "just" a question of cutting down on the amount you eat and trying to do a bit more exercise!!.... not that easy I know. The pills may well increase your appetite/slow your metabolism down but if you're putting on weight....... you're taking in more calories than you need and the solution is very straightforward. I know this sounds a bit hard but as I say to my wife, who's very overweight, you never saw anyone overweight in a concentration camp!!

12-11-10, 11:55
Actually I find it ridiculously hard to lose meds weight while I am still on them. For example, with sertraline I have put on about 1.5 stone. The past three weeks I have barely eaten, as I have been anxious. I'd say maybe 800 calories a day. Yet I haven't lost a single pound in 3 weeks.

When I am not on meds, I am naturally underweight and if I don't eat for a day, I lose half a pound.

12-11-10, 13:11
Didn't notice any weight loss/gain, probably because I had no access to scales, but all my clothes fit me all the same. Besides, I stay at the 7st mark, and have done for 5 years, and I might have put on a couple of pounds. I find it incredibly hard to put on weight but that is my fault, mainly.

10-12-10, 06:57
Hi All! I was just logging in to update my own post on paroxetine. It has worked wonders for my anxiety and HA. But since I got on it in June of 2009 I have gained 23 lbs. The most annoying part is that I have "work" pants that I rotate through about once a week and constantly having to buy up a size is hurting my pocket! It's all in my belly too! I don't see the weight anywhere else but I swear I look like I'm 6 months pregnant! I was previously 124 lbs (about a size 5/6). I plan on talking to my doctor about it at the end of Dec. when my next appointment is. Good luck to all who are trying to lose the weight :(

03-02-11, 11:01
Yep, gained a lot of weight over the 3 years of taking it on and off. I will be finally tapering off it soon for good. Tired of people saying its 'just a matter of eating less and more exercise'....

02-03-11, 01:06
I have gained about a stone in 8 months, but as i was skinny runt its actually been good news for me!

06-03-11, 19:41
only 4 stone!! as soon as i came off it i lost about 3 stone without really trying. i am fighting to get rid of the other stone now tho. Ive been off seroxat for 18 months now.

06-03-11, 20:38
I gained weight whilst on seroxat and lost weight when I came off it. Seroxat kept me very well for 14 years. Personally, If comes to losing weight or losing my sanity - I'd rather have my sanity and be overweight. Pros and Cons!

24-03-11, 06:42
Hi Raverbaby,
You would soon be able to gain your weight more....
Just keep working on this and my all good thoughts are with you....

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02-04-11, 01:20
I gained about two stones in the first couple of years. Prior to paroxetine I was very slim and didn't have to monitor my food intake. Initially I put the weight gain down to the development of an almost insatiable appetite for sweet things and general ageing (was coming up to my mid-twenties at the time)

As time's go on it's bothered me and I resolved to something about. I did manage to loose weight via vigorous exercising and dieiting but I've never got back to the level of slim prior to seroxat. For those of you who have a particular interest, I've never been able to get my bodyfat below 14% despite everything and I mean everything! It is certainly not a case of calories in versus calories out. I know, I counted them.

I believe that if I had been pre-disposed to weight gain prior to this drug, my weight would have spiralled out of control