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11-11-10, 18:09
My poor GP phoned me tonight and spent ten minutes trying to calm me down over everything - she says us girls are bound to have sore chests with exercise due to (her words) "having boobs that tend to bounce about and put a strain on your muscles". She said she doesn't think there is anything sinister - and my bloods are so far fine - but she wants to do a resting ECG anyway just for her and my peace of mind - some nurse is going to do it then she'll come through if there are any issues and then I have to see her the week after for a review :) I'm sooo happy they are taking me seriously for once :)

margaret jones
11-11-10, 18:23
Daisy Cake hi glad you are going to get your ECG i am sure it will all work out fine and put your mind at rest .

I suffer with chest discomfort almost all the time Costalchondritis was diagnosed , also the Boobs thing seems to add to the strain on chest muscles mine are a rather LGE size .

Take Care xxx

11-11-10, 18:44
Hi my gp as done the same I had an ecg last week I'm seeing him tomoz to discuss it. Good luck you will be fine x

11-11-10, 19:47
Good luck daisey, im sure u it will all be fine. xxx

11-11-10, 23:25
thank you all :) doctor says she's pretty sure it'll be normal too but she says it's worth a look anyway :) glad I plucked up the courage to give her a phone, she was trying to make me laugh as I was so het up!

11-11-10, 23:31
Soundls like you have a good gp there hun. I think your ecg will be fine xx

12-11-10, 11:17
Glad you are getting some reassurance at last:hugs:

Can i just ask, do you have to go to hospital for an ecg or can you have them done at the doctors surgery or at home?

I want one doing because i have chest pain and short of breaths but i'm too agoraphobic to go to hospitals.

12-11-10, 11:19
I think a lot of surgeries do them, I'm getting mine done at the surgery, and I know my mum's surgery do them too :)

12-11-10, 11:19
I had my first one done at the doctors when I was about 17. It's in the part where the nurses take your blood and stuff! I don't know if this is the same in all doctors surgeries but just thought I'd share my experience xx

12-11-10, 11:24
Yeah, that's what the doctor said to me - that the nurse will do it in her room and if there's any questions then the doctor herself will come through.. Got to have another apt the week after to analyse it then got to get my blood pressure and things checked as well. Soo pleased they are finally checking things out, I didn't even need to ask, just said I am getting palpitations and she said oh well you could have an ECG then, so relieved!

12-11-10, 16:26
hm just got a cycle of about 6 of these beats in ten minutes but I was lying down at the time watching TV so maybe that's caused it. Got very dizzy, felt like I couldn't breathe and charged through to the kitchen to splash cold water on my face haha!

12-11-10, 16:31
I'm trying very hard not to panic haha, when I take a deep breath the centre of my chest hurts and I'm convinced something bad is going to happen :(!