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13-11-10, 00:01
Hey, so today I took a pregnancy test and it came out positive! I have had a lot of typical pregnancy signs but I've also been taking prochlorperazine which is an anti emetic (I'm emetophobic) that can cause Missed periods and rarely false positive pregnancy tests. I don't know whether this is a real positive or due to the tablets and can't phone the doctor till Monday.
The problem is I'm absolutely terrified of morning sickness! I've been emetophobic for as long as I an remember and haven't thrown up since I was 7 (I'm 20)! I can't do it! I'm so scared of being sick I'm actually sitting here crying and monitoring myself constantly for nausea. I'm beginning to feel off!
I actually can't do it. Help me =[ xxx

13-11-10, 00:07
Not all women get morning sickness hun and most women well the women I know and especially me feel sick during pregnancy but aren't actually sick. I don't have your phobia but I don't like been sick or feeling sick for that matter I get a little panicky. If you are experiencing other pregnancy symptoms and have missed a period its likely you are pregnant but then again it could be the meds. Don't be upset hun I'm sure you will be fine sending you :hugs:

13-11-10, 03:37
Just to let you know, I fear throwing up too. Perhaps not as badly as you, but it's horrid.

I'm currently 6 weeks pregnant and having a really bad time with my anxiety - fearing the baby actually... "am I ready, what if I dont want it" etc

But just to let you know, my morning sickness is just a bit of nausea on and off. Not even to the point of feeling like I'm gonna throw up, just feeling icky in the tummy and kind of "empty stomach" feeling.

There's a very good chance you won't throw up at all :)