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13-11-10, 14:09

I have been on 40mg of seroxat for 12 years. My doctor has taken me off them due to hge weight gain. He has started me on Sertraline (25mg). I was told to take half for two weeks and then take one a day at 25mg. I must admit-I have just started taking one a day as I feel that 12mg is not enough.

Im on day 4 and feeling OK (ish). My vision has started to jump, I am having headshocks, nightmares and can feel myself going down. Today I have had to call into work sick as Im now starting to panic...
I feel ok at the moment but have taken a 5mg diazipan this morning as I knew I was starting to go down.

Has anyone on here managed to come of seroxat? Every where I read, no one has managed to do it without going through hell!
Could you please share your story with me (good or bad) and possible how long it took for you to withdraw or how long it took before you gave up and started taking them again.

Many thanks

13-11-10, 15:25
Hmm, interesting. Swapping to another SSRI should lead to a less severe withdrawl. I've gone between 2 AD's before and just had a bit of a muggy head in the middle when I was taking them both.
Did you just stop the seroxat or was there a stage when you were taking both?

13-11-10, 16:13

No my Gp just took me straight off the Seroxat! I knew myself that it was too quick.

I gave in and called the out of hours GP earlyer. I said I wasnt coping but they said I had to go back to my own GP on Monday...

Im begining to regret starting this withdrawl business!!:wacko:

13-11-10, 16:30
Try giving NHS direct a call and asking them their advice until monday. It might be that you cannot take both pills at the same time I'm not sure about yours.

13-11-10, 19:12
Withdrawal from seroxat is horrendous i came off it last year after being on it for 14 years but i had to it really slowly my gp prescribed diazapam and prozac while withdrawing. I did manage but it took a good few weeks. Unfortunately my anxiety has returned and am now back on them.

13-11-10, 19:27
The recommended procedure when switching from paroxetine to Sertraline is as your doctor is doing ie withdraw the first and start the second on 25mg..... nothing about tapering the dose down. I was on 60mg daily for about 8 months... before that on lower doses for a few years. Decided that the stuff was a waste of time for me and went down to 40 then 10 then 10 over 5 weeks where I stopped for 3 weeks as sleep was getting a bit disturbed... now down to 5. To cheer you up, no side effects or problems at all except for the slightly disturbed sleep and amazingly vivid dreams..... not nightmares though you'll be pleased to know! Hang on in there.... you'll be ok!! On the plus side, my brain seems to be functioning a bit better, I can use the computer without having to find my computer glasses and I can have a wee without it stopping before I've finished!!