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TV Zoe
16-03-06, 16:28
Hiya. My name is Zoe and I'm working a with a team to make a TV documentary about people who suffer from Agoraphobia.

We will be following the work of Professor Paul Salkovskis from the Maudsley Hospital (a leading specialist in anxiety treatment) who will be heading an intensive treatment programme that has been specifically designed to overcome this condition, and help sufferers get their lives back on track. The series will follow on from the success of 'The House of Obsessive Compulsives' shown on Channel 4 last year. If you didn't see it, this series depicted the lives of 3 people suffering from OCD who underwent treatment with Paul and his team: all three of them improved dramatically. We aim to produce similarly sensitive and sympathetic films about Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia.

I'd really love to talk to anyone who can help me with this.

my number is 0207 749 3169 or you can email me on zoep@monkeykingdom.com


16-03-06, 16:37
Hi Zoe,

I think most of us struggle to shops I know I would struggle to put myself on TV the way I am wouldn’t want to embarrass myself. On the other hand f I was to be paid for it then I could consider it lol.


16-03-06, 16:45
I would consider helping with research - I was agoraphobic for about 8 years not being able to go downstairs of my house for 3 years
far less leave the house. I am now "back to normal" or nearly !
My family would be horrified and humiliated to see me on a TV doc programme talking about my illness - the stigma is awful, but if you wanted an insite into living with this illness then I would be happy to help.

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TV Zoe
16-03-06, 16:45
hiya robert,

i know that it must be incredibly hard. The people i've spoken to so far have been absolutely amazing and very brave and also good fun. The programme is a fantastic opportunity for a few people but i understand it may not suit everyone. thanks for the reply


TV Zoe
16-03-06, 16:51
well i'd love to talk to you. congratulations on being so much better.

my email address is zoep@monkeykingdom.com if you have a chance to talk then let me know


TV Zoe
16-03-06, 16:52
P.S i'm new at using chat forums so if i make mistakes then please excuse me

17-03-06, 09:49
I did some filming for a show for channel 5 last year.Was to do with fears and problems and starting again.
Was so much fun and I thought it would help me.
I was told I was going to be part of the show, but then after 3 months filming and facing some of my worst fears which scared the hell out of me, was told 5 did not want me anymore for the show,As I have to many fears to film.
I was upset and it did put me back.
So think hard before you decide to do this.


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TV Zoe
17-03-06, 11:33
Hi Chardonnay,

Thanks for your message. I can't talk for CH5 but i understand that the experience must have been very hard for you. I have been in touch with a lot of people recently that suffer from panic, anxiety and agoraphobia and have started to realise just how hard it is to live with the conditions.

The programme I am working on follows in the steps of a programme aired last year (The House of OCD). The beauty of it is that the Maudsley Clinic deal with all treatment and we just observe. We still have places for people that are at stage in their life where they feel that this course of treatment would be beneficial. I understand that this is a very personal decision but I would love to talk to anyone who would like a little more information.


17-03-06, 12:01
I have actually given this more thought over night and I have decided to let demons rest.

Giving thought to how I felt made me feel awful last night and brought back so many devastating memories.

I am working towards getting better not reliving the years of hell. I hope you understand.


........life is for living not just for surviving

TV Zoe
17-03-06, 13:29
of course i do.

thanks for the response though and good luck with everything


17-03-06, 15:50
i saw the pro last year bout the house of ocd ppl
was intersting and i know its really hard for ppl like us and i want to help but dont think i am suitiable soz bout spellings lea

TV Zoe
17-03-06, 15:58
hi lea,

thanks, im glad you liked the programme. i'm really passionate about the series and about getting the word out.
Of course it will be slightly different to the OCD show as agoraphobia is very restricting. We will have the therapists and experts involved at a much earlier stage.


17-03-06, 16:06

Do people get paid to go on the show and if so how much?


17-03-06, 16:06
hi when do you think that this will be shown on tv?
will you be doing anymore programmes?

TV Zoe
17-03-06, 16:14
hi Robert,

No we cannot pay contributors as we think this may be seen as un ethical. Also it would confuse people as to why they wanted to take part.


TV Zoe
17-03-06, 16:17
and Leo i think the show will be aired at the end of summer / beggining of autumn. Again it depends on the success of it as to whether it is commissioned again


TV Zoe
20-03-06, 10:06
Hiya. it's me again.

Just wanted to say hello and ask again if you know anyone who we could help. The programme is such a great opportunity and we really want to help someone get their life back on track. Let me know if you fancy a very breif and non commital chat


20-03-06, 13:50
I would say the benefit of getting private treatment from somebody like Paul Salkovskis more than makes up for not being paid!


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20-03-06, 15:56
I would have to agree that was just my Scottish sense of humour kicking in I do think this would be great for the correct person. I feel that I have to much of a face for radio lol couldn’t do that there is more chance of seeing me on crime watch lol.

20-03-06, 16:07
Totally agree with Ray.

Having been to a couple of lectures by Professor Paul Salkovskis at the recent anxiety conference in London I'd say that this is a fantastic opportunity if you don't mind publicity. I really liked his style.

Trev :D

TV Zoe
21-03-06, 11:01
Hi everyone,

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone who has written to me or that i've spoken to.

Just one more thing. If there are any other gentlemen out there who suffer from this and want some help please do get in touch. I am getting very close to my deadlines on this and i want to make sure i speak to as many men as possible.

I seem to get a lot more responses from women and I just want to make sure that given this opportunity to let the public know more about agoraphobia and panic attacks/anxiety that i also show that it affects men.

thanks again everyone - you're all amazing


21-03-06, 21:07
I applied as I would love to be treated by Paul Salkovskis. I had several chats with Zoe and found her really easy to talk to. I have had to send her photos of myself and my family and our house and last night she spoke at length to my partner about our relationship and how the anxiety affects us.
I just have to wait and see what happens next but fingers crossed.


TV Zoe
24-03-06, 12:14
Hi everyone,

I’ve just seen the debate about our programme on the forum – which I think is great. It’s good to have feedback, and really helpful to know what the concerns are out there! Reading it, I thought it’d be a good idea to write and explain a few things about the programme we’re making and what we want to do.

As you know we are making a programme about Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia and working with Professor Salkovskis from the Maudsley who is providing a tailor made treatment programme. It’s essential, in order to make a programme relevant to people who suffer from the condition, to talk to people who experience it themselves. The more people the better – each person’s experiences can be totally different (although many strands are similar). We make notes on each individual case just so the information is not lost. Everything is confidential. Ultimately we aim to make something that raises public awareness about the condition: although many of you have received support – the calls we have received already show that there is a lot of ignorance about agoraphobia out there, and effective treatment is incredibly difficult to access. Friends and families and sometimes even doctors of people who suffer sometimes do not understand what the condition is about and what it is like to live with it.

Hopefully some of you will have seen the House of Obsessive Compulsives last year. This documentary was really well received by the organisations that support people suffering with the condition. We are incredibly happy to say that the people involved have significantly changed their lives and are pleased that they were all involved with the programme. Their families have also contacted us to say what a difference it has made.

We also have to ensure that any filming we do is anything but misleading. Having very experienced and respected therapists involved with the process and filming the process as it evolves, ensures that nothing about the condition is misleading. The programme will be similar to House of Obsessive Compulsives but not the same as we are dealing with a different condition.

Again I’d really like to thank everyone who has taken the time and energy (some of which has been emotional and difficult) who has written or spoken to me. It makes the world of difference and we cannot thank you enough.

Just thought I should explain the process a little more and of course invite anyone who’d like a little chat with me to get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


TV Zoe
25-04-06, 12:31
Dear Everyone,

I wanted to write to say a very big thank you to everyone who helped us with our preparatory research for the programme we are making about Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia.

CH4 have now selected the people who will be taking part in the programme and we wanted to write to let you know. The decision process took into account lots of different factors and your contribution to the procedure was invaluable.

It was essential, in order to make a programme relevant to people who suffer from the condition that we talk to people like yourself, who experience it themselves and we are very grateful for the time and information you gave us.

Ultimately we aim to make a programme that not only treats individuals with agoraphobia but also raises public awareness about the condition.

Again we’d really like to thank you for taking the time and energy (some of which has been emotional and difficult) to speak to us. It makes the world of difference and we cannot thank you enough.

The programme will be on CH4 at the end of the year.

With best wishes,