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15-11-10, 18:53
I have been on 25mg of Quetiapine since last Wednesday, i've had no problems with this until yesterday when i started to have dizziness even turning in bed was making the room spin. Has this happened to anybody else on this medication and will it settle down. thanks

Kerry B
15-11-10, 20:13
Hi I used to take Quetiapine 25mg at bedtime, but they never made me dizzy they just made me feel very tired. I do suffer with dizziness but this is related to my Anxiety/Panic Attacks. But everyone has different side effects, why not speak to your Pharmacist, I always find they are very helpful. Let me know how you get on x

16-11-10, 09:28
Hi Kerry,

I hope you don't mind me asking this but why did you stopped the medication.

Kerry B
16-11-10, 19:55
Hiya I am taking 40mg Seroxat as well and i stopped the quetiapine cause they where making me too sedated with the seroxat. When I first started taking the quetiapine I was on cipralex and they seemed to work ok then, but because Seroxat can also make you feel drowsy its seemed like I was sedated too much. But if I am going through a bad patch I do sometimes take one before I go to bed. Ask me anything you want x

Kerry B
16-11-10, 19:57
Elainey sorry forgot to ask are you taking any other medication as well? x

16-11-10, 20:07
Hi Kerry.
I also take seroxat 30mg and diazapam when required. i also take other medications for a heart condition i have which includes a beta blocker. Fed up taking tablets, feels like thats all i do just now.


21-12-10, 21:32
I'm on 800mg of the xr version and have only noticed sleepiness. Also take 3 mg of clonazepam so this may have masked the side effscts.