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15-11-10, 22:14
What do they do? My GP said to give it half an hour or so for the appointment, but what do they do? Does it hurt & will I have to go topless/bra less? Got one tommorow at 1.30 and beginning to get nervous?

15-11-10, 22:19
Try this:


15-11-10, 22:27
Thank you :) x

katie cat
15-11-10, 22:34
Hi Daisycake,
Don t feel nervous, ECG s are quick & painless. All that happens is 4 ecg tabs will be put on your 4 limbs & 6 will be put on your chest. The Ecg leads will be attached & a reading will be taken from the machine. You may be asked to undo your bra, it depends or lift it up. I work as a CCU nurse and do many ECGs, have also had quite a few taken as i suffer with health anxiety. Hope this helps. x

15-11-10, 22:50
ECGs are fine and painless, i did have to take my bra off which would have been ok but the doc that was doing it was so dishy.
My heart was going at 90MPH and because of this he said that i couldnt go home until i had see the cardiologist.
The cardiologist said that i was just anxious and thats why my heart rate was so high:whistles:

Going home
16-11-10, 01:13
Ive had a few ECG's and didn't have to remove my bra and the pads were put on the part of each breast that was exposed just above my bra, also just below the breasts sort of on the rib area and I think also just below each shoulder (ive never had them put onto each limb...arms and legs? whats that for?) Its definately not painful so don't worry about that.

Anna xx

16-11-10, 15:04
All done :) had to lie completely topless with no blanket or nothing, but wasn't too bad - she had to do three as the first one showed I was tachycardic but the next two came back normal, she said it was because I was panicking!

Going home
16-11-10, 15:10
Well done daiseycake, hope the test has put your mind at rest.

Anna xx

16-11-10, 15:21
Yeah it has :) got an appt with my GP to discuss it next week but they said they wouldnt have let me leave the building if they thought something was wrong lol!