View Full Version : Just started but having panic attacks after stopping cipralex for these....

17-11-10, 00:48
Hey so I changed from25mg of cipralex to 10mg of seorxat last week!

Today I had a panic attack what I havent had in AGES!since march last time I had them was when I was very ill and unmedicated.

I feel really odd like when people I know speak I think omg who are you or I dont feel like I know them kind of closed off?What is that its freaking me out?

Ive also felt mega crazy I have OCD combined with health anxitey Im petreifed of suicide and Im scared that having panic attacks is going to make me suicidal

My DR said its normal until my meds fully adjust she has just put me up to 20mg.She did however just rip me off cipralex straight away after being on it since june at 25mg to 10mg of this so she said thats possibly why. :S x

27-11-10, 21:10
Seroxat can make your anxiety worse during the side effect period. Your body has now got to adjust to the new medication and dose. The side effects should improve over the next few weeks just bare with it.