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19-11-10, 09:44
Hiya all

I've been put on seroxat again (finally!) and I noticed before and now that, despite the added energy I've got, I am sleeping more. I have to have an extra 2-3 hours of sleep in the day and at least 10 hours in the day. To be honest I would sleep that and more when depressed. I'm just wondering if this is normal for others who are taking seroxat. But also I am waking up during the night at 4am and struggling to fall back to sleep.

If not then I suppose I need to exercise more .... LOL

25-11-10, 11:25
........ Or not?

26-11-10, 12:53
I found Seroxat would make me sleep all weekend, and I was routinely waking up late for work. In fact it didn't matter how much I slept I never felt refreshed. So from my point of view, yes it could well be the Seroxat.


26-11-10, 13:14
SSRIs do that to me too. I take mirtazapine as well which means I get a good nights rest and don't need to sleep any more than normal.

Kerry B
26-11-10, 22:45
I am on Seroxat 40mg and do find I sleep well. But when I first starting taking them I couldnt sleep at night until the tablets started to work. I do have a lot of vivid dreams to.