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20-11-10, 13:19
Hi Everyone,

I'm just having a rough day today and needed to post. I work at a university and last week a student died of meningitis. Because of my health anxiety I was finding this really difficult to deal with. Then, today, my husband woke up with a terrible cold and a fever. I had a bad throat infection a couple of weeks ago, but now my throat is sore again. I can't stop taking my temperature, just terrifed that something bad is going to happen to me and the baby. It feels like I can't do anything to keep us both safe.

On top of my anxiety about the birth this just all feels like too much again. There seems so much to worry about. I can't stop thinking about the fact that because I am pregnant my immune system is weakened, and that if I get ill I am going to die. I just want to feel safe, and like everything will be ok. But I never do seem to feel safe, and all the strategies I have been using just don't seem to be working today. I really rely on my husband's support when I panic, but now he is sick I just feel really alone. I'm not, because I have my mum here, but I still feel really frightened. I haven't felt this bad in quite a while.

Just needed to tell someone - thanks for listening.:weep:

20-11-10, 14:19
Oh, you have my sympathies! with the meningitis, have you been vaccinated? I am sure you could be if you asked for it. Although you are slightly immuno compromised during pregnancy, you are also often healthier - I didn't have one sniffle and I work as a teacher! just take a good vitamin suplement and try and eat healthily. I worried about birth as well, but even though mine went totally 'wrong' (emergency caesarian) compared to what I wanted (water birth!), it was ok - the doctors and midwives were absolutely fantastic and really reassuring at every stage of the way. and gas and air is fantastic:winks:. good luck and have you had the swine flu vaccine yet? I would strongly recommend it if you suffer HA and work in busy environment.

20-11-10, 16:25
Thanks Seeker - I've had the swine flu vaccine, and had the menigitis vaccine a long time ago (don't know how long it lasts). But I also know there are strains it doesn't cover, and I just can't stop worrying. It helps to know you were healthier, and that everything went ok despite not going to plan.
I just feel really lost today. I feel like I'm in a continual panic. My glands are up in my neck now, so the throat infection is definitely back. I just can't stop worrying that it might be something else.

Ms Nice
20-11-10, 20:32

I'm not surprised you're worried...too many reasons for you not to be. Remember that whilst your body suffers, your baby will probably be doing just fine. Her good health is why your immune system is low, she gets all the good stuff that usually keeps your health stronger.

I read an old wives tale recently saying 'baby girls steal their mum's looks' and my looking and feeling like I've been dragged through a bush backwards just lately suddenly all seems worth it!

Big hugs to you :hugs: I hope tomorrow brings you a happier, healthier day.

20-11-10, 21:31
I found when I was pregnant that it as the healthiest I felt. I somehow became super immune to everything, and as pp said, while you suffer baby is just fine.

21-11-10, 14:18
Thanks everyone. Can't say I feel any better - hubby is still really ill and I can't stop crying. Think it has sent me back to the way I felt when I was first pregnant - just not safe at all, and so alone. But I'm so grateful to you all for sending your positive thoughts my way - just hoping they will rub off soon.

18-01-11, 18:44
I also found that when I was pregnant it was the only time I didnt fret or get anxious strangely. Even now I fret over everything yet when it comes to my daughter I m fine and seem to copen its like there is a maternal switch that comes on for her. Try not to worryn babies are hardy creature..oh to have their innocence and naivity.