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22-11-10, 18:16
Hey all, :D
Hope I can put a few minds at ease.
I was having terrible palpatations when my anxiety hit an all time high, I was having them at least every 20-30 mins, fluttering sensation, racing heart, skipping beats. I'm now taking cotalopram 20mg. I kept seeking reassurance from the doctor making her listen to my heart over and over :blush:, although they said it's fine, it's a strong healthy beat, I just couldn't get the "but what if" thoughts out of my head, "what if she's not that experienced with heart trouble?" "What if she didn't notice the palpatations?" "What if there's something wrong that can't be heard?" I drove myself mad with worry, I just thought, this cannot be normal, a healthy 31 year old female, doesn't smoke, hardly drinks, eats healthy fresh food everyday, doesn't take drugs, doesn't touch caffiene, yet I'm getting palpatations thick and fast every day. SO - I went for an ECG this morn, she told me I had to come back in the afternoon as the doctor needs to look at it, she mentioned the word "prolonged" I'm sure it was prolonged T something, or S.T, anyway waiting to speak to the doctor was a nightmare, in the end (after they found my results) she said that all is fine, the part that they mentioned just means that this part of the beat was low, but taking into account my height (I'm 5'9) and statistics and what have you, it's normal. Not everybody has the same heart beat/rate, some may be taller/shorter/heavier/lighter.
I'm fine with this, and I don't think "What if it's wrong" as ecg's are very accurate and detect even the slightest 'abnormality', so if you're due for one, please don't panic. xxx:hugs:

paula lynne
22-11-10, 18:23
Hi Michelle, Im so glad your ecg went well, and youre feeling much more positive about everything now. x:yesyes:

22-11-10, 18:24
Thank you Paula x:bighug1:

23-11-10, 11:57
I'm glad it all came back fine! :) x

23-11-10, 12:42
Thanks hun x