View Full Version : So glad to have found this site xx

23-11-10, 13:59
Since finding this site, my anxiety is easing off. I really thought I was going doolally with all of my symptoms - Feeling detatched from myself, confusion, palpatations, fear of god knows what! But since I have read others posts i see just how common Anxiety is, I wasn't even sure it was anxiety untill I came on here. Everyone is so supportive of each other even though we are strangers, and it really makes a difference :)
I just want to say thank-you to you all, and I hope that we can all overcome our fears together, a problem shared is a problem halved so my gramps used to say. Good luck, and stay strong , all my love Michelle xxx:hugs:

Hazel B
23-11-10, 14:22

You are not alone.


23-11-10, 19:15
Aww that is a lovely post Michelle and I am glad it is helping you being here.

23-11-10, 19:31
Michelle - Im with you on this one too, lol.

Anxiety is horrid but with the support on here you can survive.

Your post is lovely, thank you for sharingxx

10-06-11, 23:15
just read the post omg wot a lovely thing to post and agree i thought i was a huge 32 year old silly freak but this site is easying my fears and hope we all get well very soon :) xxx