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17-03-06, 17:49
i was looking tho the main help pages on the home page (thanks nic and evryone who made this posabile its really helpfull and brill) and saw a few natural remedies i would like to try but i am on some other meds percribed by my gp now some people say that i should cheak to see if there ok to tack with my meds is this true i should chack with my gp or can i just ask the farmase?

also have what have you all found the best?

i am also going to try out hypnotherapy whilst i am on about that has any one tryed nlp???

thanks everyone
amanda xx

19-03-06, 01:44
You should check with either one but do check please


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23-03-06, 03:03
As Meg said please check with your doctor or pharmacist as you are on other prescribed medication.