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23-11-10, 16:56
This may reassure a few of you:

1st ECG was abnormal - due to panic, breathing, me moving around etc
2nd/3rd ECGs normal - just slight sinus tachycardia

My GP said sometimes ECGs can show up funny things, for example she gave her husband an ECG once as he was complaining of chest pains, and it showed up saying he was having a heart attack. She said that was blatantly untrue and she ripped it up - not telling her husband as "he'd have ended up on the floor"! So they can come back saying things that are really untrue - she said he was quite agitated at the time as she had to shave his chest etc, which she reckons caused the funny ECG...

She said anything like moving, speaking, or breathing funny can have an effect and that I really don't need to worry - they did one as I was complaining of these funny beats during exercise and she said if they are at night they can be ignored. If they are during the day, they are generally tested with an ECG - irregardless of when they come on. She said if the ECG comes back normal, odds are you are perfectly fine. Sooo now I need to try and relax :roflmao:!!

Hope everyone else OK xxx

23-11-10, 17:06
I'm so glad to hear your good news! :)


23-11-10, 17:12
Good news :)

When I had one it showed up something to do with my right ventical which of course made me worry for so long until the Dr finally explained that it wasn't true and they could tell that from looking at the trace itself. Apparetly the machine diagnoses for you and it gets it wrong A LOT of the the time.