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24-11-10, 16:56
Hi can anyone help or give advice i am nearly 7 weeks pregnant and i am in a right old state i have had 3 miscarriages before i do have one daughter i am getting myself so worked up that everything is going to go wrong i had to have a swab today because of some discaharge and a little bit of a smell down there (sorry tmi) they said it might be bacterial vaginosis (SORRY FOR SPELLING) and they is a increase risk of miscarriage with it i will get the results tomorrow but now i am even more convinced that i will have a miscarriage i am having a scan next thursday because of what happend before but i can not relax and i am so scared if anyone can help thanks toria xx

24-11-10, 17:34
Dear Toria, I'm sorry that you are feeling so awful. As you have had 3 miscarriages before I am not surprised that you are anxious but try and remember that these are just 'thoughts'. You haven't miscarried and hopefully you wont, but, as I am trying to learn, 'thoughts' don't actually influence the outcome, good or bad. All they do is make you get more and more anxious and feel awful. As my cbt therapist said 'thinking of winning the national lottery doesn't actually make it happen!' I hope that everything is fine and that you can then enjoy your pregnancy. My daughter is 8 weeks pregnant and has had lots of pain etc so I know how worrying it can be. Take care x