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18-03-06, 19:27
I was just wondering if anybody has had experiences of using homeopathy or tried argentum nitricum? My doctor recommended it to help with my anxiety and panic attacks but im not sure whether to try it or not. Any advice or opinions would be much appreciated. Thanx Suzy :)

18-03-06, 19:40
hi Suzy

Yes I tried homeopathy for my anxiety, and I THINK my homeopath put my on that remedy (cant be sure though as he always used to abbreviate...but "Arg Nit" seems to ring a bell...think that could be what you mean!). I didnt find it a help, however thats not to say you wont. It all depends on whats causing your anxiety and how bad it is, i suppose. Plus everyones body is different.

Having said all that I did have homeopathy for another health issue and it worked wonders for me...so I would certainy go back...it may be worth a try for you. good luck.

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18-03-06, 19:56
I'm seeing a homeopathist at the moment and am trying my second lot of remedies. The first time I went I was given Arg nit 30c to take just 3 times and also kali phos 200c to take whenever I felt panic (up to 8 a day). I didn't feel any real effects so went back and I am now trying pulsatilla 200c which I had to take just 3 times and also kali ars (arsenicum I think!) which I take whenever I feel panic. I am feeling less anxious about my symptoms but not sure if that is due to the remedies or reading the Claire Weekes book. Maybe a combination off both. My homeopathist also recomended taking rescue rememdy too. Some people find aconite works, you can buy it from boots.
Give it a go - I like it because there are no side effects. It may take a while to find the right remedy for you though - stick with it, it can't do any harm!
Take Care
Love Helen