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01-12-10, 23:39
When John Steinbeck wrote 'The Grapes of Wrath', he said he meant to encapsulate the total invincibility of the human spirit! What an ambition! However, he did try! And he left us a masterly novel there for the taking! Steinbeck's novel was about the ordinary folk, caught up in a dust cloud! His was never the American Dream, but rather, a nightmare of their own making! Fear is an obstacle to be overcome! It is an aberration to stand tall against! No one should be frightened of their own shadow! You'll never walk alone!

blue moon
02-12-10, 03:37
What a great book to read,I love his novels also Ernest Hemmingway
Petra x

Tainted Halo
12-12-10, 20:04
I've not read that but it sounds interesting I may invest in a copy to add to my vast library of books (i'm a big reader). I loved Of mice and men so I might give this one a try.

blue moon
12-12-10, 20:14
Yes I also enjoyed the movie of Mice and Men:D
Petra x

05-04-12, 17:49
Just about to start the grapes of wrath. I've got my head stuck In American literature and can't get out! I'm reading WOody Guthrie's Bound for glory which I'm really enjoying. In case you don't know, Woody GUthrie was a folk singer In the early to mid 1900's, he was the man who Inspired Bob Dylan to become a musician. Woody's experiences In life are quite similar to those written about In grapes of wrath (although I've not read It yet, I know It's about the dust bowl regugee's who travelled to California). He was a dust bowl refugee, wandering hobo, freight train rider!

Really hope I'm not writing too much for people to stand.

On the subject of John Steinbeck, did anyone watch the documentary on him presented by Melvyn Bragg? Was a wonderful programme. It's on youtube, and If you have the time, I'd strongly reccomend It!