View Full Version : Having ECG on 17 December

04-12-10, 15:46
How do I manage to stop panicing and causing my heart rate to be worse when I'm so anxious about this test:unsure: I've done nothing but worry and look at heart problems since my GP metioned it! I asked him does he think it could be serious and he shook his head and said he did'nt think so but if i'm honest, I know my doc will tell me anything to stop me worrying now as he has got to know me! I just know deep down that the ECG will show it racing because of my anxiety

04-12-10, 19:19
It won't matter if you heart is racing during the ECG. They will be looking at the electrical signals that show if the heart is not working as it should be.

04-12-10, 19:48
Ohh right, thankyou Nicola

04-12-10, 20:23
it will look your rhythm and show up any tachycardia, missed beats and so on.
they will check your blood pressure too.
all my ECGs only took a few minutes.
you will have to be still though.

18-12-10, 18:10
I've just got back from the emergency doc because I thought I had bad migraine but was also suffering with a bad anxiety attack so it made me feel worse, It was'nt migraine at all, I have high blood pressure (Hypertension) so he has upped my propranolol from 10mg to 40mg, I only need to take 2 a day though, I was taking 3 of the 10mg.

Because I have a virus and on antibiotics my doctor has changed the appointment for the ECG, I go on the 7th January now - Will update and let you all know how I get on