View Full Version : really need advice 29 weeks pregnant

07-12-10, 20:59
I have been having severe anxiety constantly for the past 16 days now,i have been to my doctor on several occasions and have been perscribed a low dose of fluoxetine.Ihave now been taking these for 2 weeks and am still really bad,i went back to my doctor today who advised me to take 5mg of diazepam 3 times a day for the next 14 days untill the fluoxetine really start to kick in.
i am so scared about taking these as i am now 29 weeks pregnant,i have been assured by my midwife and doctor that it is ok to take as long as i stop taking the diazepam before 4 weeks before the birth,i am just so worried as i cant function,sleep or eat at the moment and i have two other children to care for(luckily my partner his here to help)though i know that i need to be better for them i am so worried about any effects on my baby,i would really appreciate some advice,or if anyone is in a similar situation

08-12-10, 10:37
I am 28 weeks and have had anxiety all the way through. I had a set back last week and went to my GP and she gave me 5mg diazepamn for emergencies. I haven't needed to take one yet, but she didn't have any concern about prescribing them to me. So I don't think you need to worry. If i need to take them I am going to. It is more dangerous for you to be stressed at this point than to take a drug which millions of pregnant women have taken.

08-12-10, 14:32
Thankyou,it makes me feel alot better to know that other people have been given it too,just makes me feel so guilty to take it though i know that doctors wouldnt give them out if they werent ok to take,i am just so desperate at the moment to start feeling normal again,for some reason i am alot better when i am on my own,when i am with anyone i just get such a bad panic that i have to go and be by myself,though i am going to start to make myself not do that as i dont think that it is helping being on my own all the time,thanks again for your message.