View Full Version : phobia of taking any thing stimulating,esp alcohol

april tones
20-03-06, 20:51
hello! since i havestarted having palps im afraid to drink as dont want to set them off! i dread it when i next go out as feel panicky at first few drinks! weird! hardly go out or drink any way but this spoils it!


20-03-06, 20:56
It is not a bad thing not to drink. I wish I never started!

Think how healthy you will be having not had alcohol poisioning you.

Best to avoid it if it makes you feel worse.


april tones
20-03-06, 21:10
hahah! true! i hardly ever drink! like wine on sat nights in house but havent doen for ages, always got migraine or too tired x


21-03-06, 13:49
When my palps got really bad a couple of weeks ago I stopped drinking (although I still get the palps just as much). I had a drink for the first time on sunday and felt very agitated for an hour almost like someone had spiked my drink. It wore off but I'm not sure i'll be drinking again til my anxiety calms down.
But I know exactly how you feel

Shiv x

25-03-06, 15:54
For the longest time I thought that I was the only one who could not drink since having PD. I have not drank now for 8yrs becuase of PD. However, this IS one positive thing that has come from PD because I have never sufferred from a hangover in 8yrs - when I do go out, I feel nervous, almost vulnerable from not drinking (it used to be my crutch to face socialising) but it wears off and the drunker others get the more relaxed I get because they think that my conversation is sparkling (ha ha) & I don't feel so self concious myself. But the upside is, I remember EVERYTHING, & I usually enjoy myself & the next day is not wasted with feeling ill or from guilt feelings worrying about what stupid things I said with drink. Downside is, alot of people think that I'm weird & straight laced because I don't drink & can get quite stroppy about it - but I just try to remember that it's their problem not mine.

25-03-06, 23:06
I dont drink either, been teetotal for over 3 years now. Havent missed it at all, in fact i think that everyone else is brainwashed about how good it is and cant see that its not! I dont have panic attacks any more, but have no desire to start drinking again. Often when i go out people assume im drinking because i get loud and boistrous, but thats just because everyone else is drunk and the behaviour rubs off on me. People do think im weird for not drinking, but then i think theyre weird FOR drinking :D

25-03-06, 23:25
I like your attitude Alice!! Glad to hear your not having PA's anymore - good for you!!! That gives me hope