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april tones
20-03-06, 21:55
anyone have these? not the rescue remedy the actual remedies?
i have had few bottles made up but am going to buy seven of my own as its cheaper in long run!
they helped with few problems before but didnt take long enough to get deep down x


20-03-06, 23:38
Yes i have a few for different moods etc... I find they do help. I mix them occassionally to.

Take Care,

Love PIP'S X X

22-03-06, 10:26
Hi Apriltones

Iv been using these for years on and off. They seem to work for me.

love mandiex

29-03-06, 12:26
I have also found these another similiar remedies helpful, they are called Australian Bush Flower remedies, also as good as bach flower remedies.
Their website is:


They only sell the single remedies in bigger health shops.

With Luv