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12-12-10, 12:33
i just recently had a threatened misscarriage and now im lying here worrying about wot will happen still having slight bleeding 6 days on and cramping but was told baby heart ok now im just worried that im having a slow misscarriage cos the bleeding is still goin on i was informed just to take painkillers and keep an eye on bleeding but im now so scared has anyone else suffered bleeding and still been ok along with some cramping i donth think it helps that i dont use the tiolet for a couple of days i was given lactalose to

12-12-10, 13:07
Hi jo, what a terrible thing you must be going through. It must be scary! Have you tried giving NHS direct a call and seeing what they suggest? I hope all is well for you and the baby. Take care x

08-01-11, 14:56
Hi Jo
I had a m/c some years back now and bled and cramped up until 17 weeks with my next pregnancy who is now a very robust 3 year old. hugs to you hunny . Mums net and Ivillage both have excellent early preg support groups and post m/c support- they were invaluable to me and five years on I am still friends with some of them

10-01-11, 00:25
thanks guys and thanks jj well im now 18 weeks and touch wood ok but now to scared to do much constantly checkin myself and having slight anxiety with my breathing again i stoped my prozac 2 weeks ago cos i was scared it contributed to bleed so now suffering anx without meds