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13-12-10, 23:02
Hi there

Sorry for posting in wrong section but I can't find a medication section for this. I just wondered if anyone could tell me there experiences of using this for anxiety. My psychaitrist has recommended it though am bit scared as is an antipsychotic. Any views on it? x

14-12-10, 00:15
Personally it wasn't the drug for me. I took it as well as venlafaxine, and neither made any impact on my anxiety (which seems rather odd, as Olanzapine is meant to be really good for anxiety). It did, however, stop me experiencing the daily nausea I usually have - which was bliss. There are a few people on here who have taken it, and had good results regarding their anxiety. You will probably be given a small dosage - not the levels given for psychosis.


07-01-11, 16:47

I started to take 10mg nightly a week ago and so far it has helped both my sleep and anxiety levels. Prior to that I had tried a number of anti-depressants which made me feel worse. It has also perked up my appetite a bit too.

Hope it works out for you.


07-01-11, 18:40

I take seroquel which is a antipsychotic for severe anxiety. (Similar to olanzapine) This was an add on to my AD seroxat. I was really apprehensive about taking it, but have to say since starting it i have been much better, the anxiety is now at a manageable level and i has been great for my insomnia.

09-01-11, 10:25
thanks x

06-02-11, 19:12
Hey there,

I have been on Olanzapine for nearly 10 years now. I was intially on 2.5MG in the morning and 5mg at night. When I took it in the morning it made me very drowsey. Currently I take 5mg in the morning which now does not make me drowsey and 10mg at night to help me sleep.

Olanzapine is a very good drug. Very little side effects. Sulpride rings a bell. Think I was on that drug when I had my breakdown. I looked up sulpride and found out that it is a anti psychotic. Makes me would if I had schizophrenia. The thing is I was diagnosed with Aspergers Syndrome with OCD and depression. I have tried a lot of anti depressants and they all send me loopey. Or for want of a better word, Manic.

The trick with Olanzapine is not to have alchohol. This will make you anxious when you wake up.

Another good thing with Olanzapine is that they are coated, so they dont desolve on the tong and leave a funny taste in your mouth.

A friend told me that Olanzapine is one of the best drugs in the world. It is highly effective.

Although it wont solve everything. Councilling is sometimes needed.

06-02-11, 23:36
I'm just out of hospital, psychiatric ward, and a lot of patients with psychosis were on Olanzapine. It is one of the newer anti-psychotic meds with less side effects than the older ones. As someone else said, anti-psychotics are often used in much smaller doses alongside anti-depressants to help treat anxiety.

I hope they help you.

Miss Kitty
16-03-11, 13:40
Hi...I can't see how to start a thread so I thought I'd put it on here. I wondered if anyone out there had experience of withdrawing from Olanzapine. I have been taking it (originally 5mg then 2.5mg) for the last 18 months. I have to take additional medication due to the side effects and recently decided this was just too damn much medication. I'm not psychotic (at my worst period I was midly paranoid but always aware that it was just a symptom of my depression) so my theory is I don't need to be taking antipsychotic medication. So I stopped last week cold turkey (yes, I know I should have told my GP, I will next time I see him). Anyway how do I feel? Lousy, but I'm not sure if it's the withdrawal from medication or I'm just having a bad week. I've already handed in my notice for my weekend job because I just couldn't face it any more and, if I didn't need the money so badly I would have also walked from my full time, weekday job as well. Last night I felt panicky and tearful and today I could cheerfully eviscerate each and every one of my colleagues (not helped by the fact they've all gone out to lunch and they didn't bother to invite me) so, hypersensitive? yes, angry and tearful.

Sorry to jabber on. Does anyone here have experience of this. Olanzapine withdrawal or bad week? I'm also on 45mg Mirtazepine and 75mg of Lyrica twice a day.