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17-12-10, 15:54
I've been having a really bad time with my health anxiety and I'm finding it difficult to believe that my symptoms are just anxiety.
I've tried citalopram (managed 3 weeks) and escitalopram (managed a week and a half) in the past and had severe side effects which only made me 100x worse! After having bad experiences with these I've become scared of even taking paracetamol (stupid I know). For the past 4 months I've tried to overcome the anxiety without meds but I've gotten so bad that I've been having suicidal thoughts as I can't take anymore of this. I went to the doctors yesterday and she wants me to try Clomipramine 10mg with the view to increase after a week. I'm just so scared of what side effects I might have. Has anyone else tried Clomipramine and were there side effects? please help! I'm desperate!

18-12-10, 00:56
Hi PP, I took clomipramine for about seven years. Think I possibly started on 25mg. I found it very sedating for a week and then I felt great on it - although I did find I always I felt really warm. No nausea or stomach upset tho and 10mg is a tiny dose so you might feel no side effects at all x

31-01-11, 15:47
Please let me know how you are getting on??

I too cannot tolerate SSRI's they send we through the roof feeling continuous panic and no sleep. I then get very depressed.

My Doc wants to try these meds I'm not sure due to my fear of side effects and past experience. I do need something cause I'm in a bad place at the moment with my life on hold.

Hope its positve for you xxx

31-01-11, 15:55
Hi Lizzyg

I'm sorry but i just couldn't take them! The bad experiences i've had in the past we're just too much and i wasn't brave enough. I'm scared of taking anything that is going to make me feel any worse because i'm already having such a tough time.

If you can, you should try them though! They might work for you!

Good luck xxx