View Full Version : ecg results

18-12-10, 09:54
I had a ecg with my cardioligist, on the report he sent my dr it said my ecg showed some suggestion of saddle shaped st changes in v5 an v6 and possibly in lead ll.

Does anyone have any idea what this means??

18-12-10, 13:06
No,:( why don't you phone your doc and ask? Sometimes higgledy piggledy complicated words actually mean nothing important or serious at all,it's medical jargon,you should ask just to ease your mind xx

18-12-10, 13:07
You need to see the doc to discuss the results I am afraid. I have never heard of that

18-12-10, 14:38
My doctor's are closed on a weekend so i cant call him.

I'll make an appointment on monday and let you know what he said..