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22-03-06, 14:09
I have been informed by my CBT that he believes in crystal healing,
he explained that a tiny bit of quartz keeps a watch working in good timing. today i have learnt that it is also used in computors on the circuit boards. so it seems that cystals really do have powers - but do they have powers on the human body?
I once put a bit of rose quartz under my pillow to help with fertility and fell preganant with my daughter (8 years ago).
I must admit i am very cautious about this idea but am interested, has anyone on here had a good experiance with crystals ?


22-03-06, 15:20
Well you know I have - can you do that link again Lis????

Love Piglet xx

22-03-06, 15:53
Ok here it is :D

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Lisa x