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18-12-10, 19:56
I had an MRI done two weeks ago on my lower back, I am worried I have a spinal tumor, the doctor does'nt think so and is mainly checking for disc problems.

I have an appointment booked on the 30th dec, but thats a long time if there was something wrong like a tumour would they contact me earlier? It is really worrying esp over christmas.

Many thanks for your time guys.

18-12-10, 20:12
They should sent the results to your doctor so you could call them and ask if they have a report back yet.

18-12-10, 20:15

I can assure you that if you had a spinal MRI done and something worrying had shown up, you would have been contacted within a week.

The fact that you haven't heard anything means that they haven't found anything of immediate concern, however, if worried, give the surgery a call.

18-12-10, 20:20
In my experence if there has ever been anything wrong with any test ive had, however minor the problem, i have always had a call within a week.
It might not be the case in every area but if they found a major problem im sure you would have contacted you by now.

19-12-10, 09:06
Many thanks guys, really put my mind at rest. I will try to forget it till at least after christmas. BTW hope you all have a lovely time over xmas with your families.


19-12-10, 13:30
You are more than welcome Mark. :)

Thanks for such a lovely acknowledgement and I hope you have a wonderful Christmas as well. :flowers: