View Full Version : Fast heart rate

20-12-10, 19:48
Went to doc today the said my heart was tacycardic and to watch out for chest pain and seek help if I do I'm in utter panic now I'm loaded with flu and terrified xx

20-12-10, 21:01
Hi, where you feeling very anxious at the time? i went to the doctors on one occasion, i was very panicky about being out, the doctor agreed to do an ecg, after doing my blood pressure and pulse, it was reading so fast he took me to another room, to check on another ecg machine, then he sent me straight to a&e, he even wanted to send me by ambulance, i wa given the all clear at the hospital and it was caused by panic and nothing else. The doctor was not aware of my anxiety issues, had he been he would of probably delt with it very differently, by that i mean he would have known what was causing my fast heart rate.

The doctor is simply giving you advise, is he aware of your anxiety, if he thought there was actually anything wrong he would have delt with it there and then, so try not to worry x

20-12-10, 21:02
Also with a flu virus going on in your body it is quite normal to have a faster heart rate x

20-12-10, 21:34
Thank you very much I'm takeing calitopram on my 18th day so that made me worry incase it was them to be honest she wasn't very helpful or tactful when you have health anxiety and telling them to look out for chest pains wow not good I no your right everybody gas said it down to the flu just freaks me out xx