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27-12-10, 22:01
hi,my doc has given me 5 mg of diazepam foe me to take,when i get anxious.is it safe to cut them in half?as i heard you shouldnt ,as some are time release?? - thats how paranoid i am, i think 5 is too much ??!!

27-12-10, 22:04
Hi Mikee,

It's ok to half the tablets i do it all the time.

Take care x

27-12-10, 22:04
diazepam should be ok mikee. It's a low dose too. You could ask your chemist, but I know someone who does that with diazepam with no problems at all.

paula lynne
27-12-10, 22:06
Thats fine, especially as 5mg may make you feel a bit woosy, see how you get on with 2.5mg, dont worry its safe x

28-12-10, 01:09
I think they did away with all the slow release tablets.

Halving them is fine, but you could go to your doc and ask for 2mg instead.


28-01-11, 13:15
Hi Mikeee, I can't take tablets so I have to totally crunch up my 2mg diazepam. It's not afftected me in a bad way, just feel quite tired but that could be the natural effect from it anyway. Hope this helps.

02-05-11, 14:52
I take 5mg as well and cut them in 1/2 or even 1/4 if I have an attack at work. No worries here

02-05-11, 22:03
I break mine in half every day. half in the morning then half at lunchtime. :)

02-05-11, 22:41
Hi Mikee,

It's ok to half the tablets i do it all the time.

Take care x

Same! And my psychiatrist knows I do this. They should be scored and are easy to cut right down the middle with a sharp knife. I find Pill Cutters just make tablets crumble.

H. x

04-05-11, 21:01
I eat my diazepam! i have difficulty swallowing tablets no matter the size, so i just pop it in my mouth and crunch away! taste is fine

05-09-11, 12:21
I halve mines all the time too. It's no bother. I just bite em in half. Haha. Probably not the most hygenic route but it works for me. :-p