View Full Version : can 1 missed dose cause this

28-12-10, 00:03
Hi all i have been on paroxetine for over 10 years up untill 10 weeks ago i was on 20mg but after a recent hard time doc put me up to 30 mg.in the past when i have felt ok i have missed 1 dose to go out for a drink with my freind with no side affects at all, but yesterday i went out and missed my new dose of 30 mg and today i have like eletric feelins running through body when moving should this be happening or do you think there is another cause ,,,,Thanks , ps i took my usual dose about 4 hours ago but these feelings still happening

28-12-10, 00:33
any 1 relate ,not even had a viewin lol

28-12-10, 01:12
Yes it is possible cos of the missed dose

30-12-10, 02:42
ty for the reply, just realy worried me