View Full Version : Derealization

29-12-10, 23:39
Does anybody get this? i think i have it now but im not sure.. how does one even know if they do have it? could this spacey feeling be something else?

07-01-11, 07:01

Yes I suffer from this from time to time and I hate it. It does feel spacey and you feel like your watching in on your life almost like its a movie but you know its you. Its all very strange and just another sympton of anxiety.

Take care

07-01-11, 08:54
i get this alot and iv gotton useto it a little bit now as its quite a recurrent thing but when i first started geting it, it was so scary and didnt know what was going on, people take the drug 'ecstasy' to get that feeling... so you could think of it on a good note that you get a free high lmfao just chill with it and it usealy quickly passes =]