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mr badger
05-01-11, 09:08
Sadly Arnie, on the left, died in November. One of the greats. he was 17 ; I held him on his first and last days.

This pic was from a few years ago and Pedro, on the right, is twice that size now.


He's great, but just a cat if you now what I mean.

Maybe looking for a chum for him soon.

05-01-11, 09:25
Aww Arnie looks like my old cat Sparky! He died in 2006 when he was 17 too ;(

I love Pedros little pink nose, so cute, thanks for the pic, made me smile :) xx

05-01-11, 09:32
So cute - don't you just adore these funnly little animals.

I adore our norty cat - never owned one before, but so glad we took on a cat
that needed a new home.

I love snuggling up with a book and a purring cat - no better way to relax!!x

mr badger
05-01-11, 09:43
Aww Arnie looks like my old cat Sparky! He died in 2006 when he was 17 too ;(

I love Pedros little pink nose, so cute, thanks for the pic, made me smile :) xx

Pedro has grownup to look like a sad clown dressed as a penguin. He's got a long, soulful face that belies his real nature. Sadly for me, he's a real Mummies Boy - I hrdly get to see him until Jo comes home.

05-01-11, 09:46
LOL!!! Omg, your description of Pedro just made my day lmao. xx

05-01-11, 12:08
Have any of you 'cat' people read 'Cleo'? I've just finished it last night and thought it was brilliant. It's the story of a family who lost a son and gained a cat. Very moving. Cleo lived to 23.5!

09-01-11, 13:53
One of my gorgeous baby cats - Tiggy -9 months old, died suddenly (vet didn't know why) just over a month ago. He was nearly dead when we found him, and then I nursed him back to health, he was so full of life and character, and then he died :weep: Anyway I have his ashes in a little wooden casket with a plaque on it, back from the pet crematorium, and Tiggy now resides on the mantelpiece with a glowing and flickering candle next to him -battery operated one, with all my cat ornaments around him to keep him company. I feel like he is back home with me now.Sometimes I see him - I know this sounds mad, but does anyone else sometime catch glimpses of their pet who has died? Maybe it is just grief??? Love and miss you Tiggywinkle xxxx

09-01-11, 14:05
Aww Poppy, he was gorgeous!

I still think I see my old cat Bubsie a lot, she was 100% my cat, she hated everyone else but me! I still have dreams about her too and she died nearly 4 years ago now. It doesn't sound mad, they're our pets and we love them no matter what and it's heart breaking when they die. xx

04-03-11, 10:03
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07-05-11, 23:55
I have 2 beautiful cats-love them so much!

Hazel B
08-05-11, 12:10
Aaah, cats make life much better in my opinion! Have had them since being a baby. My cat was 17 last week, she had fresh chicken all day as a treat!:wacko:

Poppy - I do still see my other cat who passed away years ago out of the corner of my eye, it may be just hope in my mind but you're not alone on that one.:)

08-05-11, 12:35
I lost my very elderly cat in January - she just passed away in her sleep. I still open the door some mornings to let her in and look into the spare bedroom where she slept on a regular basis. Just shows what an effect they have on our lives

09-05-11, 10:40
I lost my last cat 5 years ago, but I've spent most of my life with them. My last one died so horribly I haven't felt able to have one since (and where I am at the moment, it's a rented house anyway).

I've been aware of three of mine in different circumstances either when they were dead or dying; when Jake was very ill at the vets, I woke up one morning and he was sitting on the bedside table. I reached out to touch him and my hand went straight through him. He died a few days later and I wonder whether he'd come to say goodbye.

After Splat the Cat died, I felt him lying on the bed a number of times, and I also felt Lucky jump on the bed a few days after he died, and when I got out of bed the following morning, there was a cat's whisker near my slippers which certainly hadn't been there the previous night.

09-05-11, 10:55
our dearly loved animal companions make such a difference to our lives :hugs:

always had Border Collies ...............and both dogs came back to comfort me after they had died ..................the first one I heard come up the stairs and jump on the bed beside me ...........when I looked there was an imprint on the duvet of her little body .
while up one night grieving for my second dog in the kitchen ..........the lights flickered on and off 3 times and I heard the patter of her feet .
looney tunes ? :wacko:..........I dont think so ....felt very peaceful after both events .
also had tried to lure goldfinches in to my garden for years .........next day a flock arrived .and stayed all summer .
hope our animals are in heaven to greet us ..............if not allowed then I am not going [that is if I get the chance myself :ohmy:]

09-05-11, 11:59
I still miss the first cat I ever had, Gilbert was 19 when she passed away. She'd definitely used her 9 lives though, she'd survived being run over, being attacked by a cat, a dog, some mysterious illness and she wasn't able to walk, she was almost blind and got lost but found her way home. It was a stroke that eventually got her.
My second cat, Tiggy is still happy and healthy with my mum and dad and my cat Fudge is rather overweight (8.5kgs :ohmy:) but even though he has FIV is still a huge bundle of love :)

I've always felt like I've had a 'special' connection with my cats, with Gilbert and Tiggy I remember they didn't turn up in the morning for breakfast but when I imagined them sat on the driveway a minute later they turned up in that spot!
Fudgey (thank god!) doesn't go outside because of his FIV, doubt my anxiety would cope! But he's like my baby, he follows me round all the time, he knows what I'm saying and I look forward to spending many more years with him :)