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05-01-11, 21:50

I suffered with Post Natal Anxiety the day after giving birth, i suffered a panic attack (i thought i was having a stroke) one hour before i was due to go home which freaked me out, i felt very strange all day when we got back, nervous even, i couldnt think about anything but how i felt even though i had no anxiety or dression past issues. i thought i had a serious illness that came on as i had just given birth.

The midwifes came each day and had no clue what i was saying when i said how i felt, they kept asking if i was depressed, i said im not depressed i feel ill, i was so weak i tried to go out 5 days after giving birth into town and could hardly stand, i was so upset and felt angry that it was happening to me, i was so nervous all the time, i would get pins and needles in my tongue, my hand went weak, i lost 1 stone in 2 weeks, i then got pins and needles all over, i didnt sleep for 6 weeks, i went to the doctor every week as i felt so ill,

i was so lucky that i had my partner and my mum supporting me, my sisetr came to stay with me and i felt better with her around for that week and did think it might be in my head rather than me actually dying or having a terrible illness, it went on and on for 3 months and in the end the doctor said i had anxiety, "just anxiety" no big explanation and gave me citalopram, this eased the syptoms and i then felt better.

i had an anxiety relapse 1 year and 4 months later but managed to control it but have had a few after that, i have had it back very similar to the first episode lately but i am back on tablets. hoping to do CBT. my daughter is 2 and a half, hoping to try again in september,

I wanted to post this for others to know incase they feel it, it isnt widely talked about, and doctors automatically think you have depression when really all you want is to feel better and not panicking!

thanks for reading xxx