View Full Version : advice needed on vitamin b pls

andrew england 2
25-03-06, 14:09
I have a vitamin b complex slow release from holland and barrett called busy b with vit c

now its slow release which is the idea that it feeds into the body over hrs rather than instant

my problem is i nearly choked on it one day cos the tablet is dang big and i had to go A&E so have tried cutting it up but i am losing the benefit of it being slow release by this and it is making a difference

can anyone recomend an alternative that i can take 3 times a day


25-03-06, 14:42
Hi Andrew, I take Holland and Barratt B-50 Vit B complex (50mg). I just take it once a day but you can take that dosage up to 3 times a day - have a look on here - sorry can't get link working!!
The pills are thin and about one and a half cm long - I swallow mine with a mouthful of food!
Love helen