View Full Version : Female/Male personal issues forums added

21-01-11, 22:41
Hi everyone

I have added 2 new sub-forums tonight:

Female personal issues
Male personal issues

These can be found under the main Health Anxiety forum as this is where most people seem to post.

I will move some posts there over the next day or 2.

The reason I am creating these 2 new sub-forums is that some members may not want to read posts about personal female/male issues under a general forum and we do seem to get a lot of these.

It also means that if you have a personal problem you have a sub-forum that you can immediately go to and read similar posts.

19-06-11, 23:38
Regarding sharp pains in my left shoulder blade is it possible that the cause is :):winks::ohmy:wind?

19-06-11, 23:41

You need to post this in the symptoms forum please.

eight days a week
21-06-11, 18:30
Great idea Nic!