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22-01-11, 10:37
hey every1 im 29 weeks pregnant and im actually convinced im going to die giving birth. i used to suffer from health anxiety 2 years back after the death of my father. it seems the pregnancy has brought on my old feelings. i feel very detached from the baby as i dont feel like im going to meet him. i cant imagine it even for a sec. i also have a four year old and i get upset thinking im going to leave him without a mum. i cant really talk to any1 about this. talking isnt really my thing and i see a different midwife every time i got to the midwife clinic so i havent built up a trust in any of them and my doc is rude and crap. ive just moved to my area and im trying to find a different doc. any advice would really b appreaciated xx

22-01-11, 21:01
HI sarah jane

i was exactly the same as you and could not enjoy my 2nd prenancy for fear that i would die in labour. I spent every night obsessively trawling the net looking for someone else worrying about this and didnt find anyone! So just wanted to reasure you that someone else feels like you to. I was so worried that i just didnt even think about the labour, i just put it to the back of my mind like it was too painful to think about!! In the end i used some hypnotherapy techniques that really worked. My 2nd labour turned out much better than my first and im here to tell the tale!!! If you want me to bore you with the details of the relaxation stuff i did then PM me anytime.

Take care and please dont worry. You will soon have a lovely little baby to enjoy xxxxx

22-01-11, 22:43
im 38 weeks pregnant with 3rd....im going to hospital next friday for a c-section due to complications with my second...and i am now petrified, im suffering panic attacks and high anxiety, ive spoken to my midwife and consultant and they have been great but im still so so so scared that im not going to make it and leave my partner with 3 daughters etc....i just cant think of anything else at the moment. Im sorry this isnt what u wanted to hear, i just wanted u to know that i understand how u feel and u r not alone with your fears....But on a positive note i still get excited about meeting my daughter, just wish the excitment would over take the anxiety so i can "try" and enjoy the last few days etc.

Good Luck with ur pregnancy
Debs x

22-01-11, 23:23
You,ll all be fine ladies , i don,t think men understand how stressfull this can all be , its certainly opened my eyes .

23-01-11, 16:55
Hey debs dont know if this will help but i made myself read lots and lots of positive birth storys, like every night all night and then when it came to the labour i just kept remembering these stories and it really helped me to try and stay focused and relax more. It was like positive thinking almost like i had too many good stories to think of any bad. I really feel for anyone who feels so anxious about the birth, its easy to find people who are scared of the pain but i would never admit i was afraid of dying nit even to my husband. take care xxx

24-01-11, 00:57
hey, im training to be a midwife and am very near to being fully qualified and just wanted to reassure you hun. which ever unit you are giving birth in is full of people looking out for the safety and you and your baby. they are highly skilled and trained and you will be totally fine. i know how scary it can be, but have faith in yourself, your body is an amazing piece of machinery and has the capacity to deliver you baby safely. it's great advice to read positive birth stories and let me assure you, it is very very rare to die during childbirth in the UK. try not to let this spoil your pregnancy, you will be amazing. xx

01-02-11, 09:29
Just wanted to say I have had this problem all through my pregnancy (my first). Am now 36 weeks and having a c-section in 3 weeks because of the anxiety. I have HA, but also heart problems, so have been terrified throughout of something happening.

I'm not sure how far along you are, but does your hospital have a mental health midwife? I have one, and she has been amazing. I couldn't have got through things without her - she sees me at every consult, and has dealt with all my worries, even down to taking me to see the theatre for the section, and making arrangements for my husband to be in the hospital with me.

You're not alone. I have been completely terrified, but you can do this.