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23-01-11, 12:16
Hi there... i just found out im pregnant with my 4th baby. Unfortunately, i found out while in the emergency room friday night, from being rear ended in my new car while i am suffering severe whiplash. Great news while im n pain, but wish i wouldve found out in the comforts of my home. So.neway, i have severe panic attack, health anxiety and hypocondria. When i was 5 mnths pregnant with my almost 3 yr old, i was diagnosed with mitral valve insufficiency and a heart murmur which are pretty normal during pregnancy. Thats when everything started with my HA.
I have been to the emergency room over 200 times, i have panic attacks everyday.in the shower, i have stopped going places, i fear i am going to die everyday with a heart related issue. I dont take any antidepressants, as i had bad side effects with paxil and celexa, so i havent taken nething since. I am perscribed xanax .25 which i take 1/4 of the pill at a time. It works for me for the most part. So now that im pregnant, and knowing i cant take my xanax, i am freaking out! Im afraid ill develop the heart issues again, an it get worse. Im afraid of stress causing problems. Im just afraid of everything!

23-01-11, 13:36
wow, im so glad i found this site, i am going through the exact same thing minus the mitral valve stuff! oh by the way how did they diagnose that? anyways i am also on my fourth baby, but due in a week! im on zoloft which its.not helping and i was always.previously on xanax that worked amazing, my panic attacks are really bad! ive been staying with my mom and cant be alone, i cant even drive alone! im afraid of hemmoraging or not making it.through this.pregnancy! like this morning a pregnant womans pulse is.suppose to go up a lil cuz of.all the blood volume, mine was 58 im extremely worried, but ive been on bedrest for high bp.doesnt make sense to me! my anxiety is through the roof and i cant overcome it!

23-01-11, 13:40
oh and my the way im glad u.and baby are safe after the car accident!

24-01-11, 12:17
Thank you, and im sorry ur going through this as well. They found that i had the mitral valve one night as i went nto the er bcuz i was having serious chest pains. They did an echocardiagram. Amazingly, i have done great the last 3 days. I havent had a xanax since 7pm friday night. Ive quit smoking and i feel great. Knock on wood. I kno as i get farther along, an i start changing, the anxiety will go thru the roof. So did u not have anxiety with ur other pregnancies? How far along r u? How old r ur other banies or kids? Try to stay as positive as u can about the delivery. Thats always the scariest part, but just think that ull have brought another beautiful baby into this world and u 2 r guna b just fine :) good luck. Write soon!

24-01-11, 12:37
yes i got anxiety everytime, but never this bad! My other babies are 3, 4 almost 5 , and 7 ! im due in a week! Do they let u take xanax while pregnant? they did not let me, but gave me ativan about 3 weeks.ago on a only need basis and i havent taking it much at all! im very scare n frusrated, i woke up with horrible anxiety this morning:( hows u pregnancy going? how old are ur children? do u have a large support group?

24-01-11, 18:32
Hey again :) my children are 7, 6 and 3. Support group....? Ha! The only person i have to rely on is my best friend and boyfriend. My parents arent helpful. I just found out about this pregnancy, an im only about 3.5 weeks along. Wen i found out i was, i stopped smoking and i havent taken a xanax. I havent seen my ob/gyn yet, but my primary doctor told me not to take it. I feel like im going crazy. The anxiety really isnt all that bad actually, its the reaction an withdrawal from quitting smoking. Where r u from? How is ur support system? I woke up this morning with a crazy feeling too. It was almost like i felt dead or was waking up into a dream.

24-01-11, 19:24
Hi, Brita143,
I am not pregnant but I do have Mitral Valve Prolapse. I'm a bit confused by you saying that you don't want the heart problem to come back? Once you've got MVP it doesn't go away.
Also, I wonder if anyone has ever told you that anxiety is a classic product of MVP......There's lots of us out there.
I've got 3 children, 17, 15 and 10. I worry all the time that I am not going to live very long, usually that I am going to have a heart related problem, but I'm happy to say that I'm still here !!!
Take Care

24-01-11, 20:22
Hey there. Wen i was pregnant with my youngest, they told me i had mitral valve insufficiency. My ob/gyn said that is normal to develop during pregnancy along with the murmur i had. I had an echo twice and everything was within normal limits an they said i have no signs of nething heart related. Since it occured during pregnancy and i had excrutiating pain, im worried things will come back an get worse