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24-01-11, 15:41
Well upto now I have had my ECG, blood tests, a heart scan, I have a palpatation monitor with me from today until Friday and a 24hr Blood Pressure monitor attached as I type that will go back tomorrow, after friday when the palpatation monitor goes back I'll just have to wait for an appointment from the consultant then will know if anything is wrong and I will post the outcome on here

so fingers crossed and if anyone else is waiting to have any of these tests done they are not anything at all to worry about, all straight forward and painless, the hospital appointments have been a bit difficult though for me because I broke my leg on thursday morning but only went to A&E on friday evening thinking i'd just bruised or twisted a bone but the pain got bad after hobbling around on it so I got it checked out!


19-02-11, 06:46
Well all my tests have come back
BP - normal
Blood Tests - normal only for the slight aneamia
I had nothing to record on the palpatation machine because I had had no palps at all and still have'nt had any:)
My heart scan showed that my Mitral valve' is leaking a little bit but it can't be too serious because the hospital only want to see me in 12months about that and this does'nt cause palpatations anyway.

I was only on Propranolol if and when needed to reduce my heart rate during hypertension/anxiety attacks but the hospital want to try me on Bisoprolol to be taken regularly (1 a day) then they will review me in 3months and put a 24hr heart monitor on me, its only a low dosage i've been given 1.25mg so I will start them on Sunday morning as i'm out tonight and don't want any ill effects - so all in all everything seems to be fine x

03-09-12, 22:55
Did you try a beta blocker for this?